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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, April 22, 2014n- 5:00 PM, WT Office

Board Members Present: Rick Lowen, Treasurer & Acting Chair; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt; Oliver Thornton

BMC: Diane Solinger

Present: Joanne Gulsvig, Mark Tanner, Phyllis Fisher, Luther Greulich

Owner Comments:

Joanne Gulsvig: contractors and Josh are working well together. The cupboards will be in today and tomorrow.

Approval of March meeting minutes:

Approved with amendments.

Treasurer’s Report:

See Rick Lowen’s report. Budget OK.

We’re currently having electric bill issues. EWEB has been contacted. There was a rate increase in February but usage is also up. Does the boiler use more electricity to keep hot water available to all tenants? Still looking for other issues.

Laundry income is up a lot. Is that a possible contributor?

Oliver Thornton stated that the efficiency of the boiler is a problem. There are plans to replace the boiler in 2016.

Committee Reports:

Diane Solinger stated that BMC is actively seeking late HOA dues.

BMC Report

Window inspection update: 19 letters have been sent with 25 April deadline for inspection with inspection suggested repairs at least scheduled to avoid fines.

Old Business

Fob system update: Michael Volker, Aronson rep., will try to get the software off the old computer. WT BOD recommends a longer warrantee and accepts the terms of “time and materials, not to exceed $2,971.00.

Window cleaning bids: A motion passed to accept Abbott’s bid because it included squeeging the windows, and cleaning ledges and ribs for $4350.00.

Elevator upgrade-status report: It is on schedule. WTowers residents are requesting that the first floor, work construction tee-pee be folded up at the end of the day and leaned against the elevator until the next work day begins.

Update on determining cause of 202 plumbing backup

It is probably NOT connected to commercial units. Mark has a diagram of the sewer line out of the WTowers building and how it connects to city sewer. No dimensions were given. The city cleans it often. It was suggested that another camera be run in order to help prescribe a timeline for how often to time jetting or clean-up. ?and results of cleaning storm water drains: Joanne Gulsvig suggests that a flyer be developed outlining what can and cannot be put down drains or into garbage disposals. Mark Tanner reported that all the heavy debris has been sucked out; also in the lower garage basin. The line is clear but where the main pipe converts to 4”, the system is overwhelmed during heavy rainfall. The heavy, oily, gunky debris was vacuumed out. Greasy build up was found on all bottoms and sides. It is recommended that the pipe lines be vacuumed out annually.

Unit 202 assessment waiver request: Convened to executive session for discussion.

New Business

Commercial space lease renewals: WT BOD will keep leases at the same rate. There will be a small increase to renter in unit #206, which is owned by the WT Association. Rent from #206 generates income for the association.

A $50.00 water and electricity utility sur charge to be assessed to the end unit was passed and approved.

Staff salaries: A 3% increase for both Celina Lawrence and Josh Jones were approved.

Carpet cleaning: BMC is currently seeking bids. It is scheduled for next month or early June. Brothers has done it for us in the past.

Insurance safety report: Tony Core. Diane is staying close in this issue and will keep us advised.

Building security issues: It was recommended and approved that Rick Lowen’s letter be sent out building wide via email.

HOA forum May 17th by Vial Fotheringham: BMC will register Celina Lawrence, Dan Hardt and Jean Kern to attend. The forum begins at 8:30 AM at the Downtown Eugene Hilton.

Adjourn: 6:15 PM.

Next Planning Meeting is set for Tuesday May 13, 2014 at 5:PM

Next Board Meeting is set for Tuesday May 27, 2014 at 5:PM.