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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Board Meeting

Tuesday, 30 December, 2014 - 5:00 PM, Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt

BMC: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Present: Phyllis Fisher, Jeanne-marie Moore, Luther Greulich, Esther Konop, Susan Connolly


Phyllis stated she came for the earthquake insurance discussion.


The 24 November, 2014 WT HOA BOD minutes were approved unanimously by theBoard after Dan Hardt seconded Rick Lowen’s motion. The Board sincerely thanks Susan Connolly for stepping up and recording 24 November, 2014 WT HOA BOD meeting minutes when illness caused Jean’s absence.

Celina Lawrence has asked if draft minutes, prior to WT HOA BOD approval, can be forwarded to her. The Board agreed this could happen so long as these not distributed or posted prior to their approval.


The sale of 707 went through. Bennett Management is now in contact with the Mortgage Company, inquiring when they will start paying assessments and about insurance on the unit. The mortgage company is saying they are not responsible for past dues. Diane Sollinger continues to pursue that with our attorney. The unit is under water. Direct collection is another possibility. What was owed - close to $300,000.00 – on the unit was way over what it was worth.

$13,343.00 is the Otis balance. Tom Weaverling will notify the Board once the punch list is completed, including the installation of our permanent circuit board (‘robbed’ from Johnson Hall) so the final payment can be made.

Rick Lowen informed the Board that reserves are currently at $155,134 and will be at $142,461 after the Otis bill is paid. There was no December contribution. The fiscal year reserves, ending 31 December, will possibly end $10,000.00 higher than originally anticipated. The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved by the Board after Dan Solitz seconded Dan Hardt’s motion.


Rick Lowen has not received answers to previously emailed questions to Tony Core of Farmers Insurance regarding other deductibles.



John Rose sent information regarding the web site; there is no patch available that allows the current site to interface with the 8.1 Windows program. Rick Lowen will contact another company for possible web site maintenance that includes a presentation to the Board. The Board could hire someone at $65.00 per hour to do the web site for us or we could do without the web site for a while.

Susan Connolly presented the packet results from the Policy Committee’s work. Celina has been given 17 Board approved policies for WT letter head merge with a letter of instruction to that end. The Board unanimously passed the screen door policy which is in compliance with city regulations for a multiple dwelling after Jean Kern seconded Dan Hardt’s motion. Celina will be directed to send the screen door policy to everyone with special notification to 308. Susan has written out procedures for implementing the policies.

Copies of the policy booklet will be made available to everyone requesting one and also renters/ residents new to the building upon their arrival; making clear that whether they take a copy or not they are responsible for following the policies.

New renters/ residents will sign a statement that they either took or refused a copy of the policy booklet; said statement with signature will be kept in their apartment number folder.

Fobs will be deactivated upon rental/ resident move outs.

Celina is also busy collecting proof of car insurance for all vehicles parked in reserved unit spaces in the WT parking lot; also filing these in corresponding apartment number folders. She is creating a program that will notify her when car insurances expire so she can request updated proof of insurance as/ when needed.


Tom Weaverling gave a well-organized and detailed presentation on the boiler replacement/ repair and asbestos removal investigation he and Luther Greulich formulated over the past three months. Mechanical Air and Harvey Price bids were presented along with Tom’s recommendation that the Mechanical Air bid be accepted. Their bid is lower because they are local and looking for projects the size of Willamette Towers whereas Harvey Price’s bid is a great deal higher, signaling they are only interested in million dollar contracts and deliberately bid themselves out of the WT project.

Also in our favor, because Mechanical Air is local, mechanics are available for same day emergencies and follow-up on problems whereas because Harvey Price is out of town, customers in need have a three or more day waiting period prior to someone showing up to find solutions.

The new boilers will have a 15 to 20 year life span.

While electricity is low carbon gas is a $14,000.00 saving annually.

LOI has been contacted to begin the asbestos abatement.


WT HOA BOD is waiting for a maintenance contract from Otis.

The initial elevator door problems were fixed but have spread to other floors.

Luther Greulich thinks the elevator pads should be able to extend from the cab ceilings.

Tom Weaverling reported that ANY modifications Willamette Towers does to either new elevator cab will immediately negate the warranty on them.


This discussion was tabled for the next Planning Meeting. It was noted that Dillon, through Bennett Management, had been our previous web assistant.


Attorneys for Willamette Towers and Farmers Insurance are working towards settlement. If that cannot be accomplished, depositions will take place.


707 continues to have window issues.

701 is out of compliance. Celina is working on the lease.

Jeanne-marie Moore reported that on Christmas day the water had been turned on full force in the main floor bathroom some time between 4:15 and 5:pm

206: Loud yelling was reported 11:30 pm one evening.

The smell of marijuana has been reported on floors 5 & 7. Residents in the two units nearest the reported smell both said it was not them. It is really hard to pin point the source even though floor vents do not intermingle. A notice will be sent out by Bennett Management to all residents on floors 7 & 5 about marijuana smoking in the building.

Are pets living in Willamette Towers registered with the office?

Both the Mia Bella request and unit 505 water bill reimbursement were WT HOA BOD approved.

Diane Sollinger and Tom Weaverling are reviewing the porches at the north end of the building tomorrow.


Tom Weaverling spoke on behalf of the MMRC noting that the sanitary task was completed; that all that was left was the trees.

The Architecture Committee stopped the tree removal.

Myron will expand the 3” clean out to 6” in the spring.

“411” Company is to verify the length and depth of the pipe needing replacement.

Once the piping is done, a camera will be run from the grassy area to the sump and out to the city street (Lincoln) which should alleviate water build up in back. The cost is expected to be less than $500.00.


Planning Meeting – Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Board Meeting - Wednesday, 28 January, 2015