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Willamette Towers

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February 25, 2014

Dan Solitz presided over the meeting.

It was established that there was a quorum by adding those owners present and proxies.

Minutes of last year’s meeting were read by Giny Landgreen.

Rick Lowen presented the Board report of major accomplishments of the last year:

  • WT is now smoke free inside and outside ·
  • Work on overhaul of the two elevators will start in March of 2014
  • Working with BMC to reorganize the on-site staff
  • Website enhanced through the volunteer efforts of WT resident Joh-n Rose
  • Roof access door constructed .
  • Window inspections implemented in all unit.s and a policy put in place for ongoing inspections
  • Laundry updated with an effective credit card payment feature
  • Reduced dues assessment for 2014 approved along with an increase in annual allocation to the Capital Reserves and a savings from eliminating the bulk cable contract
  • Volunteer committees and the Board worked effectively together with BMC’s professional, Diane Sollinger

Rick Lowen presented the financial report with an explanation of expenses.Committee Reports from the Major Maintenance & Repair, Housekeeping, and Architecture/Design Committees were read.

Those residents who volunteered were thanked and named: _Dan Solitz, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Dave Lottier, Luther Greulich, John Rose, Ken Guzowski, Giny Landgreen, Douglas Beauchamp, Esther Knopp, Oliver Thornton, Joanne Gulsvjg, Dorothy -Quirk, and Rick .Lowen gave their time on many occasions toward improvements at Willamette Towers.

Jean Kern, Dan Hardt, and Oliver Thornton were elected by a show of hands to fill the three vacant Board positions. Douglas Beauchamp and Giny Landgreen completed their terms.

The meeting was adjourned.

There was a period of general questions open discussion led by Dan Solitz following the meeting.

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