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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Meeting 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014  - 5:00 PM, Willamette Towers Office 

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt; Oliver Thornton

BMC: Diane Sollinger; Mark Tanner

Present:; Joanne Gulsvig, John Rose, Susan Connolly, Phyllis Fisher

The 5/27/14 minutes were amended and approved.


The HOA has one large outstanding bill in collection. The unit is for sale in August.

The May contribution to funds is $9,000.00.

We are receiving a credit from Otis because the maintenance is on one elevator, not two. The Otis invoice for $33,801.00 will be paid when the car transition takes place. Otis is predicting this to happen 08 July, 2014. The new contract once both old elevators are replaced with new cab installations, will be 2/3s of what the current contract is.

Celina has invoices but is not getting the work orders. She is directed to ask Diane Sollinger regarding questions about work orders and checks.


Otis has decided to finish both cars at the end. Dan Solitz is hoping this doesn’t slip the date of total completion further back.

HVAC is in and working fine.

There was a question about a remote for the heat pump in the elevator machines room.


Steve Johnson is asking $4300.00 to fix it. Oliver Thornton is requesting more bids on the repair. Mark Tanner suggests contacting Twin Rivers and/ or Commercial Air which also has a boiler division. Eric seems to be a boiler expert there.

Diane Sollinger will get more bids.

Regarding the new boiler, two contractors recommend gas. Gas will run the equipment to the building; individual unit cost would be minimal. Intermediary cost of gas installation will require security 24/7 around the equipment during phases of the installation. Luther Greulich will contact engineers to explore the costs around designing and installing an electricity- driven hot water system. The Board is requesting more replacement bids.


John Rose is asking Kurt the Plumber if we can isolate a stack. Mark Tanner stated that in order to do that, the asbestos has to be removed first. It takes as much preparation to rid one stack of asbestos as there would be to remove all of the asbestos in all the stacks.

EWEB’s suggestions are in the MMRC report.

The light at the dumpster was replaced three months ago. Changing out what is currently installed in the upper level parking area to LED motion sensors would cost $350.00 each. EWEB gives a $100.00 rebate on each of the lights currently installed. Mark Tanner also recommends replacing the lower parking lot lights with LEDs when the time comes



  • Five units were not available for today’s valve work.
  • Two units require another building-wide, water shut down in order to blow debris out of the cartridge and confirm that the recirculation pumps on the 12th floor are switched from the ECC room: today’s fix was about debris, not the shutdown.
  • Dan Solitz asked questions about replacing the o-rings and washers.
  • Mark Tanner feels it is stem piece issue, not a gasket issue. Can we rebuild the shut off valves?

Rick Lowen informed the Board that there will be $100,000 in reserves at the end of this year to replace the boiler. There will be another $85,000.00 at the end of next year for boiler replacement. In 2016 Board funds are targeted to have $250,000 to replace the boiler. The more linings and repairs happening in the meantime are draining the funds going towards the 2016 replacement. Asbestos removal cannot be done in winter.

Ken Guzowski’s MMRC report on sewer highlights three areas of action: maintenance, inspection and acquiring recommendations for future actions.

Dan Solitz recommends running a camera down the main line, starting at the south end underneath the building, especially being attentive to the areas where pipes turn. It was suggested that a camera be run, a clean out take place, with a second camera run to confirm clean out success clear from the hall. The Board approved to start working with two stacks.


A roof inspection will be scheduled within the next week or two.

Josh Jones recommends buying the $51.00 light replacements. They have a 15 year guarantee. His request to order a unit of 16 of the light replacement was approved and seconded.

BMC was charged with ordering NO TRESSPASSING signs in English and Spanish to be placed around the Willamette Towers property.

Nine owners are not in compliance with property regulations.

FOB change over details include Aronson needing to bring in a representative from Portland, requiring fees covering the two way drive and an overnight stay in addition to hourly rate. Deus has submitted a bid outlining a four hours maximum at $125.00 an hour to complete the changeover.

Dan Solitz requests research for a security system that does not have a legacy attachment.

Clarification: FOB and EntraGard are separate.


Next meeting dates will be 08 July for Planning,

29 July for Board of Directors Meeting