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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday 25 March 2014 5:PM Willamette Towers’ Office 

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt; Oliver Thornton

BMC: Diane Sollinger; Mark Tanner

Present: Susan Connolly, Joanne Gulsvig, Dottie Kemp, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Luther Greulich, John Rose

Review of 2104 Mar 05 minutes –

put off until next meeting

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Because of the computer replacement, we are spending more than expected this month.

Committee Reports:


Susan Connolly reported that 4 people have signed up to help research 2 areas and to report out in May after reviewing the full list of all policies on line. The updated version of these policies will be posted by the elevators and on line to help keep residents and tenants advised of WTowers guidelines for living, successfully, in this community.


The Board and BMC are discussing adding an additional 10 work hours weekly to Celina’s work hours in order to bring the office files up to date. An example of tasks Celina is working on include a current updated list of owners and tenants, their contact information verification of window inspection for each unit, including any work that needed to insure their safety. Currently 40 apartments are missing updates. Diane will submit a current list of Celina’s tasks with a second list of tasks to be accomplished during the additional 10 hours weekly, being requested.


Rick Lowen reported on conversations with Sandpiper Imports about the Arborvitae damage on the north side of the building. Ken Guzowski (Sandpiper Import Service) has discussed with Sperry Tree Service about trimming up and replacing needed sections of the hedge. This will require about 6 plants at $120 in addition to the evergreens on the north side. Requesting approval of $400 for plantings, dirt and work, leaving $600 in Architecture budget for professional pruning on the grounds. $250.00 was authorized for plantings and seconded.

Green Committee:

Susan Connolly reported that the Green Committee requests that next fall the staff person be told to place the leaves on the street without being placed in plastic bags for pick up on the city’s schedule. The city picks up the unbagged leaves and turns them into garden mulch; the plastic bags go to the landfill. At a later planning meeting, a discussion of debris containers will be held.

Web Site:

John Rose has worked 1 ? years with Doug Beauchamp, redoing Willamette Towers’ web site and improving its overall functionality. John wrote an editor’s guide for posting board minutes. It was moved and seconded to pay John’s invoice for $105, plus another $40.00 for editor’s guide. It was suggested to put a Lost and Found page on the web site. John Rose wants to transfer out and is training Celina.

Old Business:

Illegal storage continues in some parking areas on the lower level.

A one week move in/ move out notification policy was adopted with a $300.00 fine for those moving in/out in violation of this one week moving notification.

Elevator Modernization: The work will be starting 26 March, 2014, with a planned move to the job site at the Towers to take place 27 and 28 of March. Both elevators will be down 31 March for an hour or two.

Arrears past two months due: 1 person resolved the issue; the other, over 90 days in arrears, is to be turned over for collection.

Potable Water System: Recirculation pumps were changed out. Check valves were replaced. The new ones are all brass. The valve and asbestos removal is still on, with money in reserves, for 2018. A motion passed to assign $1,000.00 to line item the clearing of pipes. Mark talked about clearing out catch basins in the back of the building. Drain Master couldn’t see clearly. Mark recommended a vac truck out to flush out pipes. The breaks out to %500.00 for the vac truck to jet out the drains and $200.00 to run the camera through the drains.

202 Water Damage: Joanne Gulsvig updated progress and asked Diane to hold checks. She is requesting that bylaws match what is stated in insurance guidelines; also that her HOA dues receive a waiver for the time 202 has been uninhabitable, approximately January through May, 2014. A motion was passed to reimburse Joanne $203.00. Joanne also requests that the board see the video of the faulty drain pipe.

BMC Report:

Three bids for window cleaning have been submitted. The low bid last year did not do a good job. Water spotting was rampant and left; not remediated. Diane was tasked with acquiring three new bids that will include squeegeeing windows post watering, and cleaning building ledges and ribs. The consensus among those attending that window washing needs to be accomplished twice yearly.

New Business:

The new printer is up and running.

The fob computer has been installed. We are currently waiting for the software necessary for fob programming. The ‘junker’ will be used for fob business.

Elevators: Work by others includes installing the heat/ cooling pump. “OTHERS” are on board with the timing and have been given dates for times in between the replacement of the 2 elevators to coordinate the electrical work. BMC is to confirm that the pump is NOT just an air conditioning unit, but will keep the area between 50 and 90 degrees.

Willamette Towers’ next HOA planning meeting was set for Tuesday, 08 April at 5:PM.

Willamette Towers’ next HOA Board meeting was set for Tuesday, 22 April, at 5:PM.

Adjourned at 6:44 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Jean Kern 01 April, 2014.