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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Planning Meeting

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 5:00 PM, Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt; Oliver Thornton

BMC: Diane Solinger; Mark Tanner

Present: Joanne Gulsvig, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Luther Greulich, John Rose, Susan Connolly, Ken Guzowski

The 4/22/14 minutes were approved.


EWEB is exceptionally high. Usage is close to what it was last year. The energy charge is determined by the highest 15 minutes during the month. Wattage we can control to some degree. The Demand charge increased over the past year from $6.60 to $7.25.The fall budget calculation annualized figures will have to change. This year’s budget allotted $21,000 for EWEB. It looks like WTowers will pay EWEB $35,00, leaving the budget $12,000 in the hole, leaving, hopefully, $91,000 left at the end of this year to help pay for the boiler.

Suggestions floated for remediating EWEB budget hole:

  1. increasing first floor rental fees
  2. increase laundry room costs,
  3. turn the boiler down a few degrees,
  4. leaving the parking gate up during the day; only closing it at night.

The unit in foreclosure is up for sale in August. BMC is working on establishing a claim. There was a question about whether the bank owns it right now and if the former owner is still alive.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.


Oliver Thornton began by complimenting Josh Jones for all the initiative Josh has taken on in addition to the daily maintenance and cleaning of the building and surrounding premises. Example: pursuing and securing three bids for boiler replacement. Replacing the liner will hopefully get a few more years out of the current boiler before it has to be replaced. It was noted that emergency boiler repair needs a certified boiler welder. Those are not available at the drop of a hat. Harvey Piece has put a bid on the work, too. Dan Solitz said Bascigheiser is to run the numbers on gas vs electric heat pumps. There was a question as to whether there was something more efficient than heat pumps.


Policy Committee

Susan Connolly reported on the Policy Committee. It has met twice. At the last meeting Celina Lawrence, Phyllis Fisher and Susan Connolly collected the 19 policies and put them in one place; are separating out bi-laws, policies and things about the building. The committee is sorting out pieces that are in conflict and others that are out-dated.

They are planning a handbook to be given out to new WTowers residents to establish guidelines for living here cooperatively.

Celina is circulating the policies through the frame at the elevator.

The sign-up for bicycles in the building is continuing. A number should be had soon detailing how many are inside & outside of the building.

Jeanne-marie Moore requested that Celina Lawrence email Ms. Moore the postings.

Susan Connolly will send a policy booklet the Celina to email to Jeanne-marie Moore, also.


See MMRC Minutes from Tuesday, May 20, 2014 meeting.

Mark Tanner is going to send the “AS BUILT” drawing for the recirculation system from Right Way Plumbing.

It was noted that Asbestos Removal needs to be done in the summer.

Regarding 202 back-up, which has occurred twice within 14 months of each other, both times in the winter; there was a question as to why 92 units flushing into a 12” pipe backed up into a second floor apartment bathroom and not the first floor bathrooms. There was a question as to whether that pipe had ever been cleaned. Patterson Towers had to replace theirs a few years ago. Ours is fifty years old. There is a 1.34 foot slope of gravity feed in the pipe from south to north end of the building. Willamette Towers has 55.6 feet, 20 feet north of the building, leaving 170 feet not explored.

Oliver Thornton made a motion to approve $300.00 for a plumber to attempt a water shut down, scheduled for a Monday, on the one stack that has had two valves replaced, just to see ifthe shut down of one just stack is possible. Dan Solitz seconded the motion and it was passed by the board. DSolitz will email Rick the details of what needs to be done and Rick Lowen will send a note to Diane Solinger to arrange it.

It was recommended that we pay to have the 190 feet of sewer cleaned out and inspected all the way to the alley. It was noted that Sandpiper Imports is on a separate line to the sewer. The building is only 20 years old. There was a question as to whether to run camera first or simply snake the drains.

LIGHTING AUDIT: EWEB did a lighting audit on Willamette Towers eight years ago. As a result motion sensitive lighting was installed and heaters in locker rooms were turned off. Some think that locker room heating is still working. There is a lighting meeting Thursday, 29 May at 9:30.

The Board thanked MMRC for all the work they are accomplishing.


Lazy Drain invoice was sent directly to the Board for payment. It will be returned to Lazy Drain in order for them to follow procedure; owner to pay the bill and request reimbursement from the Board.

The $300.00 fine for move-out without notification/ elevator reservation will be levied.

Regarding WINDOW inspections and repairs; a warning letter is sent first and after that, fines are levied. First fines levied have all been paid. Four window inspections still need to be completed. Five window repairs need to be completed.

THEFT: some minor pieces of equipment belonging to the window washer and the elevator people were taken while both were away from the premises. The theft was not discovered until after the one week video loop had been recycled. F

OB update: Aronson and DaySky are coordinating. Once the new machine is triggered, the old FOBs won’t work. Everyone will need to buy a new fob.

INSURANCE/SAFETY: item one was removed. Item 8 is costly. Flammable liquids cannot be removed easily until Otis is finished. Their equipment is blocking any removal process. For the June report we can state that items are being worked on.

ELEVATOR: Input from Wade Gower is being requested. An updated schedule will be available Wednesday, 28 May. Jay Barber has visited, looked the work site over and touched base with the current progress and felt everything was being accomplished according to the time line plan. Dan Solitz says they are at least a week behind.

WINDOWN WASHING: he will finish mid-week. Dan Solitz said that post window washing completion, someone needs to go up and look at the vents on the roof.

Satori Spa fee will start in July.

NO TRESSPASSING signs in English and Spanish need to be put up around the property.


June 10th = Planning Meeting

June 24th = Board Meeting.