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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Meeting 

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 - 5:00 PM, Willamette Towers Office 

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Giny Landgreen, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Luther Greulich, Susan Connolly 


Ken Guzowski and Dave Lottier introduced themselves. Giny Landgreen asked that matching the elevator numbers on each floor be done in tandem with Otis’ completing the finishing touches they are responsible for. 

APPROVAL OF 2014 -9-23 MINUTES: Amended and approved. 


Delinquencies are improving; the five past due consist of 1 dues and 4 fees past due.

Farmer’s flood insurance and Innovative Air have been paid.

No monies were moved to reserves because of September bills paid.

The biggest change in the budget has been utilities, which has come down some.

Bennett Management Company’s portion of the budget is $9,500 for next year.

Out of the proposed $327,848.00 2015 income, $90,000.00 will be moved to reserves, $5,000.00 to cash reserves; leaving $271,848 at an 18% increase over this coming year.

Phyllis Fisher is continuing to seek earthquake insurance bids. With this type of insurance incorporated into Willamette Towers’ monthly assessment, the increase would cause assessments to increase to $286.00 for 2 bedroom apartments, $140.00 for studio apartments, $201.00 for 1 bedroom apartments and #1303 and $321.00 for the other three apartments on the 13th floor.

The Reserve Study should be $92,000.00. Right now it is at $90,000.00. The balance will be where it should have been.

Rick Lowen stated that the budget will be taken up at the next planning meeting in response to Dan Solitz’ question about budgeting for more to be put into reserves. Mr. Lowen stated that $35,000.00 of the $85,000.00 planned was put into reserves currently with an end of year total coming to $55,000.00 with a $5,000.00 end of year balance. Rick Lowen’s motion to approve reserve monies be moved to make the July Otis payment was seconded by Dan Hardt unanimously approved by the Board. Bennett was directed to make the final payment only when Otis has completed their elevator work to Willamette Towers’ and Board satisfaction. 


John Rose requested $125.00 to renew Reserves Study software with the understanding that because their software does not run on Windows 8.1, they be given 60 days to see if their software can successfully interface with Window 8.1. The software we have now was implemented 8 or 9 years ago. Other programs out there are more expensive. Mr. Rose suggested that the reserve study create scenarios to test. Dan Hardt’s motion to authorize John Rose to make a renew or default decision, making the $125.00 renewal fee available to him should a solution present itself, regarding the Reserves Study software in 60 days’ time was seconded by Rick Lowen and approved unanimously by the Board.



The Board approved the amended move in/ move out policy and that requested the Policy Committee write a screen door policy to be presented at the next planning meeting.

Dan Hardt’s motion to approve the new bicycle policy was seconded by Jean Kern, with the Board voting 3 to 1. Rick Lowen dissented, questioning how the $30.00 sticker enforcement would take place.

During the ensuing screen door discussion Ken Guzowski spoke about Oregon state code compliance regarding fire egress being the reason behind the current ‘no screen door’ decision in place. Dan Hardt and Rick Lowen explained that the screen door choices the Board would be willing to entertain were recess mounted into the door jamb with a sliding across or down option. While the screens currently being entertained would not necessarily provide security, they would provide an opportunity to keep doors open for those tenants who wanted to also keep their cats in. These sliding screens are only permitted with Board approval prior to installation. There will be a #307 screen door discussion at the next planning meeting. 

It was requested that Celina put all policies on Willamette Towers’ web site. 

It was also noted that a $1,250.00 fine for discarding cigarettes on the ground is an Oregon state law. 


Luther Greulich presented research, options and proposals, recommending gas boiler units for their high efficiency; $80,000/ $150,000.00 two bids price tags. With both of these bids there would be additional incidental sums involving fashioning an 18” platform for the boiler equipment prior to its installation, to avoid damaging the equipment in the event of flooding, costing between $2,000 and $4,000.00 and removal of the current equipment at the end of current boiler termination.

There are also additional removal costs regarding the asbestos on pipes and joints.

Mr. Greulich is urgently asking the Board to sign a contract at this time to reserve LOI to begin the work sometime in the near future, stating that if we contracted LOI to begin the work now, he could get the work completed by February 2015. The boilers he and LOI are proposing we purchase, have been recommended by three different companies. There are 3 gas boilers in Seattle currently not promised. Our building requires a 2 tank boiler system that has a high efficiency filter system. It could be vented through the side wall without a problem.

Included in the proposal are gas dryers for the common laundry room.

Ken Guzowski emphasized his concern regarding the timing on beginning the boiler replacement project prior to completing the elevator project, noting that May minutes stated that asbestos removal was best done in the summer. He reiterated that timing, not the boiler replacement project itself, was his greatest concern; that he supported fully the replacement of the boiler.

Dan Solitz emphasized that the pits in the boiler, the erosion around the steel elements, the overall corrosion and aging were factors leading him to believe that limping by for 2 to 6 more years with the current boiler was not an option. In answer to Ken Guzowski’s question about funds, Rick Lowen answered that there was $90,000.00 in reserves currently; that full funding for the project would be available by the end of next year.

John Rose, Ken Guzowski and Dave Lottier thanked Luther Greulich for his excellent and dedicated research; urged the Board to make a post-holiday decision regarding beginning work on replacing the boiler, emphasizing pushing boiler related decisions out until after the elevator project was fully completed; requesting that all fear factors regarding the boiler replacement timing decisions not be part of the final decision making process.

When Dave Lottier asked if it were possible to move ahead with asbestos removal, Rick Lowen said there was allocation each year in reserves to fund support for beginning the process but did not recommend going ahead with the rest of the project until the funds were available.

Dan Hardt spoke to the purpose of reserves and considering a timely special assessment of maybe $500.00 to help move up, time-wise, more work on the boiler replacement project.

Jeanne-Marie Moore urged the Board to consider putting earnest money down now.

Dan Solitz confirmed that the asbestos abatement can begin while OTIS is finishing their work.

Ken Guzowski urged the Board to reconsider the timing; that the Board is going too fast; that the Board is just now getting around to dislodging tree roots from pipes – a fact shared with the Board six months ago; that the Board is discouraging volunteerism; continuing to question the schedule when there are important things to finish well and correctly.

Rick Lowen noted that the kind of thorough planning that went into the elevator replacement is not in place for the boiler replacement.

Dan Hardt made a motion, seconded by Jean Kern, for the Board to approve engaging LOI, under contract, in a sequence of work including the process of abatement for $15,000.00 to be outlined at the next planning meeting possibly involving reserve funds and a special assessment; also getting a proposal to the Oregon Energy Trust; it passed 3/1 with Rick Lowen dissenting. 


The Board appointed Ken Guzowski, at his request, to be Willamette Towers’ ‘Finish Line Guy’ regarding OTIS’ conclusion of their work on installing the two elevators in the building. 


Phyllis Fisher asked, “Why take a poll, when having earthquake insurance is responsible management?” Tony of Farmers Insurance will send more estimates to Phyllis Fisher for the Board to discuss at the next Board meeting. 


The Board unanimously approved Dan Hardt’s motion, seconded by Jean Kern, to adopt the letter presented regarding plumbing health in the building. Bennett Management Company was instructed to send out the letter to all owners and tenants. 


The second box of fobs is expected to arrive 29 October. The Board unanimously passed the motion that everybody get two fobs at no cost with additional fobs beyond two costing $25.00 apiece. Owners are to keep track of FOBS. Rental unit FOBs will be deactivated at the time of move out. The owner or agent on record will be responsible for reactivating the deactivated FOBS in the name of the new resident. 


Dan Solitz with Luther Greulich will write up a reply/ response to Independent Concrete Coating. 

The Board directed BMC to make the AZMET payment. 

The Board approved Tom Weaverling’s request, through Diane Sollinger, to clean the garage several Saturdays from now. 

BMC is to mail out the Board approved sample insurance letter approved at this meeting to owners. The 9/25/14 – 10/27/14 collection of Action Grams was discussed. 

The Board decided not to grant a variance on the 2 dog per unit limit. 

The Board will continue to carefully review the process and progress of water egress during all future water flushes/ shut downs. 

Regarding FOBs, the Board moved and approved 2 FOBs per unit and any FOBs beyond that number to be sold at $25.00 apiece. When the FOB price was in debate, Jean Kern noted that Atlanta FOBs for a property similar in price range to Willamette Towers were $55.00. 


Luther Gruelich asked about how to find out where and how the east/west drain lines connect. Ken Guzowski said he had drawings diagramming this ‘as built’ information; that the first floor pipes are separate from the second floor piping diagram. He also urged that the trees whose roots damage pipes leading from Willamette Towers be eliminated. Myron is to be asked to go through the video with MMRC; BMC was directed to invite Mark Tanner to view the video at that time, also.


Was covered in the above topics. 


WT HOA BOD Planning Meeting was set for Tuesday 11,

November WT HOA BOD Meeting was set for Monday, 24, November.