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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 - 5:00 PM, Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Jean Kern, Secretary; Dan Hardt;

BMC: Diane Sollinger, Mark Tanner

Present: Phyllis Fisher, Heidi McCahan-Mattheisen, Luther Greulich, Susan Connolly, Jeanne-Marie Moore


Rick Lowen moved to approve. Dan Hardt seconded. Minutes from 26 August, 2014, Willamette Towers HOA BOD meeting were approved as submitted.


The Reserve balance at the end of fiscal year after paying Otis $97,886 and other budgetary obligations estimated at $75,000 should be $197,553.00.


In our current study at the end of the fiscal year 2014 our reserves should be at $92,000 and that has been accomplished. A new reserve study needs to be done that includes a good proposal beyond the research.

Special assessments are unfair because they financially hardship those living in the building at the time and do not spread the costs to those moving into the building at a post-implementation date yet they reap all the benefits without financially contributing to the upgrade.

A budget committee needs to be formed. Dan Solitz and Luther Greulich volunteered for the budget committee.

At the next planning meeting WT HOA BOD will discuss earthquake insurance, the boiler, the reserve study, maintenance, and expected budget. Dan Hardt moved to approve the reserve study. Jean Kern seconded it.



Recently updated/amended policies regarding 1) lockers, 2) move in/ move out, 3)

Water shut off and the new real estate lock boxes policy were adopted by WT HOA BOD with Dan Hardt moving and Jean Kern seconding the motion with unanimous Board approval.

It was noted that we need a policy to implement the bylaws regarding unit insurance.

The policy being written on bicycles in the building was presented to the board. Greulich said the stickers on bikes will also help keep tracking. Available keys to the gates to store bikes in the back are needed. Bikes need to use the north and east door for exit and entrance.

Phyllis Fisher read WT’s insurance policy and noted that any damage to the building due to the “earth moving?” is eliminated from the policy. In the past WT HOA BOD had explored earthquake insurance and found it too costly to include in the budget. Ms. Fisher brought a $15,000 figure annually for earthquake insurance to the currents Board’s attention. When $15,000 is divided by 92 units it comes to $14.00 per month per unit. She requests that because we live in a glass house, WT HOA BOD purchase earthquake insurance this coming year. Dan Hardt said to make sure that the age of the building and the structure are insurable. The current rider has a $500.00 per unit on broken windows. REsident of 1103 questions “earth moving” definition. A resident of 1103 asked about the trash policy regarding the recycling of a plastic highchair. Sanitec says to put it in the dumpster. Diane Sollinger asks that large item disposal avoid Mondays and Tuesdays; to get the keys from the site staff. Dan Solitz reminded those present that large item recycling is the responsibility of owner/ individuals; that the dumpsters are not available for such items.

The new policy regarding lock boxes was moved for approval by Jean Kern, seconded by Dan Hardt and passed unanimously by the Board. If a unit has unpaid fees, fines or other monies owed to the Home Owners Association, the listing real estate agent will not be allowed to place a lock box in any common area of the building until the monies owed to the Home Owners Association are paid in full.

Dottie Kemp spoke to the need for a letter listing what can and cannot be put down kitchen and bathroom sinks and tubs to be created and given to all owners and residents.


OTIS needs to get their stuff out of the boiler room by 15 October to aid asbestos removal which needs to be accomplished ASAP.

Dan Solitz asked Diane Sollinger to write a letter to Jay Barber requesting a punch list regarding completion of the elevator.


Tom Johnson at Harvey & Price has recommended proceeding with all due haste to replace the boiler. One bad fuse was replaced. Corrosion occurrence is because of the age of the boiler.

Discussion about asbestos and the boiler occurred between Dan Solitz and Luther Greulich. The asbestos report that we do have was for a valve test; i.e. 70 joints. Ask ATEZ to further test the piping in the boiler room, insulation on the boiler itself; temporary insulation vs 2 removals of asbestos. Dan Hardt suggested the letter from Diane Sollinger to ATEZ be signed by Dan Solitz and Luther Greulich.


The FOB system needs Windows 7 to operate. It will be good for a decade and after WT HOA BOD will investigate a card system that does not require an elaborate back up system that outdates itself so regularly. It was asked whether staff hours are sufficient to accomplish the quantity of tasks at hand.


Mark Tanner has scheduled the 29 September shut down. Omlid Swiney will replace a valve; the plumber is to open walls for clean out; fire alarm wires back into conduit; flush out - not to increase water pressure. Putting the fire alarm wires back in place is at OTIS’ expense..


An option to insure the building at the higher amount was discussed. Dan Hardt made the motion to approve; Jean Kern seconded; WT HOA BOD approved unanimously.


Dan Solitz made the motion to approve HOA payment. Dan Hardt seconded. The motion was passed by the Board unanimously.

UPPER PARKING DECK SURFACE REPAIRS: No bid was available at this time.

EMERGENCY EXIT POSTERS: They are being put on the garbage door on each floor.


Planning Meeting - 07 October, 2014

Board Meeting: 28 October, 2014