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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Board Meeting

Thursday, 17 December, 2015: 4:00 PM- Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Jean Kern Secretary; Luther Greulich; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Paula Rogers

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Douglas Beauchamp; Marta Garcia; Phyllis Fisher; Jeanne-marie Moore; John Rose


September and November 2015 minutes were approved. October 2015 minutes with amendment were approved.


Treasurer: Rick Lowen and Diane Sollinger sent out summary analysis.

Income as of November 30 is on budget.

There are no issues.

There are no significant delinquencies

This month’s expenses have amounted to $6,000.00 less than budgeted.

Reserves have an $89,000.00 balance towards the anticipated balance of $90,000.00.

Rick Lowen’s motion, seconded by Jean Kern, to transfer and keep all December/ January income moneys in the operating budget until February passed unanimously.


Neighborhood Watch:

Stephen Chambers tour of building with Luther Greulich, Jeanne-marie Moore and Jeff Ryder. Paula is to be his Board contact person for newsletter inclusion. Suggestions included “See something/ Say something” posters in the building, move cameras and better lighting suggestions were made. It was also noted that the front door, especially the parking structure door during the day, were often held open, generally, too often.


Old Business

Update water shutoff policy

No action

New Business

Annual Meeting Planning:

(election of directors/platform statements, procedure for collecting proxies, remind owners to keep up to date re governing documents, etc.)

Rick Lowen was appointed to head an ad hoc committee to oversee planning the annual meeting. Clyde Horn volunteered to join him on the Committee.

Rick Lowen is willing to continue on the Board.

Paula is filling a one year position.

Jean Kern is completing her second year on the Board; will not seek re-election.

Clyde Horn, Giny Landgreen and one more party are interested in running for WT HOA BOD positions opening up in February 2016, and have been asked to post one page maximum, platform summary statements by the end of the week of January 18th, 2016.

The Annual Meeting notice with packet needs to go out 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting set for Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 7:PM.

Schedule January meetings:

WT HOA BOD Planning Meeting: 07 January, 2016 at 4:PM

WT HOA BOD Board Meeting: 21 January, 2016 at 4:PM

WT HOW BOD Planning Meeting: 11 February, 2016 at 4:PM


Jeff Ryder’s motion to adjourn was seconded by Luther Greulich and passed unanimously at 4:50 PM.