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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Board Meeting

Friday, 17 July, 2015 - 5:30 PM, Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Jean Kern, Secretary; Luther Greulich; Rick Lowen

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Susan Connolly; Oliver Thornton; John Rose; Phyllis Fisher

Previously approved at 01 July, 2015 WT HOA BOD Planning Meeting:

Regarding Security issues – Jean Kern seconded Rick Lowen’s motion to cancel all four digit door codes with vendor and special needs requirement exceptions, i.e. special needs defined as disability and health reasons; special requests can be presented to the Board in the future; motion was passed unanimously.

Tom Weaverling is tasked with researching if vendors can use FOBs.

It was also mentioned that Scotty had a cell phone on him that was coded to ring whenever there was a front door office-related buzz so that he could be on the grounds, not tied to the desk, to accommodate ‘traffic’ but could be out accomplishing physical labor and yet still be ‘present’ when needed at the front door or in the office. Can the same be done with Tom?

Approval of Minutes:

April, May and June were approved and posted.

Owners Forum:

Insurance discussion regarding ways for HOA to save on insurance.

John Rose complimented the nice, neat job regarding the boiler room.

Jeanne-marie Moore hoped the Board will evaluate Tom Weaverling positively and do what is necessary to keep him. He has been here a year and understands the building well.

Treasurer’s Report:

At the half year point we are in good shape. We are experiencing a $4,000.00 insurance deficit and doing the boiler tapped out the account but WT should end up with $90,000.00 at the end of the year.

Utility costs are below budget.

Tom Weaverling is doing a good job of keeping maintenance cost items in line.

John Rose and Douglas Beauchamp are getting smaller items budgeted specifically rather than listing them as part of the Reserves.


707 – Money for remediation work was collected. They are behind on their dues. The bank was paying faithfully through last April. Vail Fotheringham will file a lien with the owner’s lawyers for dues, late fees, and legal fees. The realtor will be asked to remove the lock box if lien and dues are not paid.

Rick Lowen seconded Jeff Ryder’s motion to pay the remainder owed to OTIS on the elevators because the punch list was completed. The motion passed unanimously.

Satori was given 2 options for rent renewal. The BOD holds to the original two options with no parking space for renewing Laurel Hill’s lease.

Action grams and incident reports were discussed.RE: 401 – the policy regarding past due dues has been followed. The realtor will be called for the removal of the lock box for that unit on Tuesday.

Old Business:

The elevator mechanical door has been repaired. It was vandalized earlier this year.

Replacing first floor lighting, excluding the lobby, could come to a cost of around $800.00.

A WT newsletter was discussed again. One column’s theme could be vigilance. It could highlight a collective endeavor.

Luther Greulich offered to organize an ice cream social for WT residents, timing it for ‘back to school’ when more residents would be present to attend.


John Rose is focusing on editor web design and will stick with the plan to mimic what we have now while paying attention with how people use the web site.

Reserve study:

John Rose plans to have it completed within the week and will meet with Douglas and Rick for tweaking. It is on schedule for bringing something to the Board, definitely in September, maybe even as early as August. It was requested that MMRC look at it prior to its going to the Board for acceptance. We were reminded that the Reserve Study is not a stand-alone document. It needs to be viewed and reviewed within the contexts of annual budget and dues requirements.

New business:

There was a question about responsibility for the Mia Bella sign on the north WT, outside building wall.

August meeting dates:

WT HOA BOD Planning Meeting - Thursday, 13 August, 2015, at 4:PM

WT HOA BOD Board Meeting - Thursday, 27 August, 2015, at 5:PM.


A motion, made by Jean Kern, seconded by Rick Lowen, to adjourn, was passed unanimously by the Board. 6:57 PM

Executive Session