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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Board Meeting

Thursday, 12 November 2015 - 16:00 Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Paula Rogers; Luther Greulich; Rick Lowen, Treasurer;

BMC: Diane Sollinger; Tom Weaverling

Present: Jeanne-Marie Moore

During this WT HOA BOD Meeting:Rick Lowen was elected Treasurer.

The 2016 budget was adopted.

A dues increase was approved.

Introductions: None.

Report on plumbing phases:

Tom Weaverling gave a report on the plumbing projects that will occur over the next few years at WT.

  • Phase 1 (boiler replacement) was completed in March 2015.
  • Phase 2 (replacing first-floor galvanized piping with Aquatherm) will take place in January 2016.
  • Phases 3-5 (more replacement of piping with Aquatherm by stack) will take place in 2017 and later.

Owners’ Forum. No comments.

Approval or amendment of agenda. Approved as is.

Approval or amendment of minutes (10/29/2015).

The minutes from 10/29/2015 were approved, with two emendations: the name of the plumbing company and the unit number requesting reimbursement.

Election of Treasurer.

Rick Lowen was elected Treasurer.



There was no Treasurer’s Report this month. A full operating statement can be found in the WT office. BMC will provide a summary each month starting in December.


Neighborhood Watch. Jean-Marie Moore has contacted Steve Chambers in Eugene Police Department’s Crime Prevention. He can come to WT to talk to residents about setting up a Neighborhood Watch.


Unit 1202’s request for reimbursement for plumbing work was approved.

Unit 206’s lease was renewed for 1 year with a 3% increase.

ActionGrams were reviewed.

Old business

Adoption of 2016 Budget.

Jeff Ryder made motion to accept the 2016 budget (file: “WT 2016 Budget version 2.xlsx”). Rick Lowen seconded. Discussion: Keep in-house and outside vendor figures separate; split up insurance category into 4: property, directors, flood, liability. Passed unanimously.

2016 increase in monthly assessments. Jeff Ryder made a motion to accept Rick Lowen’s “2016 monthly assessment worksheet.” Rick Lowen seconded. Passed unanimously.

Updates on ongoing projects.

Bike stickers are working okay.

The east door was fixed for $720, and the north stairwell door will be finished next week for $1,439 (parts) + $1,200-$1,500 (labor).

The $17,000 for Mechanical Air will be paid in December. We had previously thought that we would need to pay it sooner.

New Business

Election of new Treasurer. See above.

The next WT HOA BOD Board Meeting:

Thursday, 17 December 2015 at 16:00.

Adjourned 16:56.

Executive session.