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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors Board Meeting

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015 - 5:PM Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Jean Kern Secretary; Luther Greulich; Rick Lowen; Paula Rogers

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Douglas Beauchamp; Jeanne-marie Moore; Marta Garcia; John Rose; Giny Landgreeen; Esther Knoop; Clyde Horn

Passed during the 16 September WT HOA BOD Planning Meeting:

Architecture/design committee recommendation for lobby bench replacement- request approval to proceed with purchase: Rick Lowen passed out a picture with description of the Hardwood Bench, a copy of the iconic, mid-century modern bench (a George Nelson knock-off) that the Architecture/ design committee recommends for the lobby. It is solid, hard wood, costing $275.00 on line, with dimensions of 19” deep, 14” high and 5’ in length. The money is in the miscellaneous budget. The Board unanimously passed Rick Lowen’s motion, seconded by Jean Kern, to purchase the natural ash top/ black legs hardwood bench for the lobby.

Request to replace N stairwell door for safety/security purposes: replacement door the costs were at $3800.00. With research, the cost has been reduced to $1439.00 for the door and between $1,000.00 and $1300.00 for installation with OSHO doing the labor. The money is in next year’s reserves. The Board unanimously passed Luther Greulich’s motion, seconded by Jean Kern, to purchase the door with OSHO installation.


Owners Forum:

Jeanne-marie Moore noted there were no fans in the halls to dry carpets; requests that dogs be relieved on the property and mentioned a rude neighbor.

Approval or amendment of Agenda



WT Treasurer’s REPORT, September 23, 2015. Douglas Beauchamp, WT Treasurer

Financial report based on WT AUGUST 2015 Operating Statement provided by BMC. (Note: Actual amounts and totals below are rounded off to simply the discussion.)

Bottom line. SEE Balance Sheet: - Current assets are $78000. No significant liabilities at this time.

As Diane noted, WT transferred $25,000 in funds from the Cash Trust Acct to the Reserve (Cash acct Morgan Stanley) in early August. As noted last month: Net Reserve at year-end is likely to be about $90,000; and I suggest the Board agree to not transfer in December, retaining the net in Cash Trust Acct for early year operating cash flow.

Revenue. On Budget.

Expenses. Overall expenses are below budget as of August 31. Notably:

  • 5022-5040. Utilities. Decrease in Electricity expenses with Natural Gas now on a regular basis due to boiler change. Overall all four utilities combined are running a total of $5500 below budget - good news!
  • 5050 By year-end insurance will exceed budget by $10000 due to sudden increase in February 2015 due to insurance cancellation and the need to acquire a new open market policy.
  • 5090 Maintenance Contract. $25000 is budgeted with $15,400 expensed as of August 31. Which appears on budget, and likely will be at end of year.

However, as budgeted:

No Windows washing ($4500) in 2015.

Carpet cleaning ($2500) will occur in October below budget.

Painting of elevator doors ($6000) apparently will not occur in 2015.

5212- Professional Fees/Consultation. To be adjusted in September to indicate payments for the Reserve Study. $3000 was budgeted; will conclude year-end below budget. (Noting, the Reserve Study Expense acct 5500, in Other, was created by mistake; after adjustment will be removed.)

Overall, maintenance and related expenses appear well managed and well below budget, possibly offsetting the increase in insurance, 5050 above.

Regarding insurance: $45,000.00 was budgeted in 2014 for 2015. In reality, because of the liability penalty, insurance will cost $55,000.00 for 2015


Satori signed a 2 year lease.

Mia Bella has requested $441.50 for new window air conditioner plus its installation. It was noted that previously, when the BOD purchased an air conditioner for the office, they purchased 4 to accommodate each of the first floor businesses as well. The lease agreement we have with Mia Bella specifically assigns air conditioning responsibility to the renter. Mia Bella holds WT HOA BOD is held to the letter of the law regarding water shut downs. The Board voted unanimously to split the cost of the new window air conditioner plus its installation with Mia Bella this last time.

Storm Drains: there are 3 sets: 1) in the yard, 2) in the lower garage, and 3) in the upper garage.

The yard and lower garage storm drains empty into dry wells. There is a possibility that the upper garage storm drain water goes into the city system. Tom is requesting $1,500.00 to connect the yard and lower garage drains to the upper level garage drain. A precursor to the connect would entail the installation of a clean out camera, confirming that the upper level garage storm drain does, in fact, drain into the city system. The WT HOA BOD voted unanimously on Jean Kern’s seconding of Jeff Ryder”s motion for the $1,500.00 funding of this request.

1304: has complied with WT HOA BOD request letter to have south facing windows above the south walkway remediated for safety reasons; work to be completed within 21 days. Safety measures need to be implemented in the meantime.

Old business

Vote on Pet, Bicycle, and Construction Policies

Jeff Ryder seconded Rick Lowen’s motion to accept the Pet, Construction and Bicycle Policies.

The Pet Policy passed 4 to 1.

The Construction policy passed with 4 votes, Paula Rogers abstaining.

The Bicycle policy passed unanimously.

Newsletter: Paula Rogers will submit a final draft. The Newsletter is ready to go.

Schedule Financial Meeting: The Budget/ Planning meeting was officially scheduled for Wednesday, 14 October, 2015 with the official title : 2016 BUDGET AND DUES PLANNING MEETING. The goal is to send out a meeting notice to owners a week in advance in order to get as many people there as possible.

North stairwell door replacement: The parts have been ordered and it is going to happen.

Discuss Window Inspection Policy: WT BOD Chair Ryder proposes no Window Inspection Policy because our bylaws state that unit owners are responsible for windows. Some of the discussion included:

  • 4 windows in the last 12 years have fallen out; 3 were glass; 1 was complete with frame.
  • When the BOD takes control it also takes liability.
  • It is the BOD’s responsibility to remind owners of their responsibility.
  • There will be timely, informal window advisements given via the newsletter with a note that Tom will happily demonstrate to the uninformed how to correctly lubricate. Lubrication is to be done annually.

Jeff Ryder’s motion to rescind the current window policy was seconded by Rick Lowen and passed unanimously.

New Business

Posting of notices: where the minutes are currently posted.

New time for Planning Meetings: Wednesday 14 October, 2015 at 6:30 PM will be the exception

Future planning meetings post October will be held at 2:PM.

The next WT HOA BOD Board Meeting

will be held Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 5:PM.

Adjourn: 6:07 PM

Executive Session