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Willamette Towers

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Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Clyde Horn, Secretary; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Luther Greulich; Giny Landgreen

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Jeanne-Marie Moore; Jean Kern; Dan Solitz; John Rose; Esther Konop; Rex Hoffman; Paula Rogers; Ofer Raban; David Igl

Call to order 4:30


Owners Forum

Jeanne-Marie is in favor of paying off the Insurance loan [balance due on unexpectedly high premiums] to save the interest that we are paying on the loan.

Approval or amendment of Minutes from previous meeting(s)

Minutes were not to hand for approval. Dianne will send the version she got via email, that everyone else got. More notice will be given that the copy sent to BOD is for their approval, just to remind them.



Architecture and Design

he committee recommended the proposal from P.G. Long to replace the carpets in the office and residential floors #2-13 at approximate cost of $41,000. Motion made by Rick, Seconded by Luther and passed by unanimous vote.

List of walk through inspection items by committee members presented to board. List will be reviewed and prioritized later.

New blinds for the office windows are currently out for bid. No responses yet.


Nothing to report.


Phone billing issue has been resolved and we will be getting a refund.

Expenses a little higher than expected.

Revenues also a bit higher than expected.

Transferred $10,000 from cash to reserve fund.

~$95,580 currently in reserves, Trust account = ~$7,600


Landscaping work scheduled for 2x a year. Spring work will be done next week. This includes moss removal from lawn on NW side of building.

Window cleaning will be end of May. There is no date certain yet due to weather concerns. As we get closer to the date, an exact date for this will be obtained and tenants notified.

Rear walkway roof repair will be done May 2.

Entrance system is faulty, bids for repairs are out to 3 companies.

Actiongrams are all completed.

Old business

Electric meter for Mia Bella

An electric meter was purchased and installed on the panel in Mia Bella. The panel was found to have circuits for all 3 rental spaces. It will be monitored so we can get a better idea of utilities costs that need to be recouped in the rental contracts.

Proposed by-law amendment re rentals

Rentals proposed by-laws amendments from previous board were reaffirmed and also amended by current board in one area: The minimum length of a rental lease term was reduced from 9 months to 3.

May 20th Social

The monthly gatherings will be advertised and organized by Jeanne-Marie and Luther.

A motion to pay $50 from Association petty cash to provide some soft drinks and snack items for the gatherings was put into a motion by Jeff, seconded by Luther and passed unanimously.

Pay off insurance loan?

The loan is a payment plan offered by our insurance company that allowed us to obtain the required coverage in spite of the unexpected rise in costs. We paid part of the total in February and have been making monthly payments on the balance due. Motion was made by Luther, seconded by Rick and passed unanimously to pay off the loan from cash reserves and then pay ourselves back by increasing the amount we return to reserves appropriately.

Point person re janitorial issues

We will continue to use the ActionGram system to track janitorial requests as well as repairs etc,

Schedule May meetings

Planning Meeting will be May 5, 4:00PM.

General Meeting will be May 19, 4:30PM.

Adjourned at 5:22PM

Executive Session