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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Planning/Regular Meeting

Thursday, July 28 2016

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Giny Landgreen, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Luther Greulich

BMC Personnel:

Owners: Jeanne-Marie Moore, Bill Bomball

Call to order 4:00 PM

[last minutes previously approved and published OK’d by board but not yet posted Check with Tom]

Owner’s Forum

Jeanne-Marie Would like to suggest a decorative element be added to the area in the NE yard where the tree was removed to repair the view from unit 203. Currently features a great view of the garbage/recycle area and the garage next door.

Committee Reports:

Emergency Preparedness Committee:

  • Will continue to work on information about after-disaster waste disposal.
  • Also will firm up recommendations for a series of drills so folks living here are better prepared for actual emergencies.

Architecture and Design Committee

  • Painting of the Ground floor north hallway was discussed - leave as is for now.
  • Office space spruce up = Inventory furniture and evaluate what furniture goes back into it after the carpets are replaced this fall. No expenditures recommended at this time.
  • Later items could include replacement of chairs, adding wall treatments/decorations, better storage options TBD.
  • Ground floor north hallway commercial grade vinyl snap in flooring and wood baseboard replacement products selected by the committee were shown. Lower maintenance and fresher look are the benefits. Purchase and install of the flooring and baseboards bid for $6,000 recommended. Motion to pay $6,000.00 for the flooring, baseboards, painting, and install made by Giny, Rick 2nded, passed unanimously. Current plan is for work to be done in late August.
  • Hall lighting sconces: need to replace old units on 6th floor (which will be used for parts for interim maintenance of lights in the rest of the building) cost $800 to get the lights for just that floor [as a trial may use the same units to replace the rest of the lighting in the new year]. Motion to purchase and install the lighting for $800.00 made by Clyde, 2nded by Rick, passed unanimously.

Friday Chat-up Committee -

  • Recommended to have Tom send out an invitational email prior to the event to better publicize and promote it. He refused last time because of a complaint about his sending an earlier email. Needs to be a board-approved email or he will not send it. * Motion made to approve Tom’s action of sending the notice out to the all-owners email list each month by Luther, 2nded by Clyde, passed unanimously. We had some discussion about the design and posting of the announcement but no consensus was reached.

Treasurer’s Report -

  • June Operating Funds opening balance was $2967; closing balance was $6310. The Reserve balance at end of June is $89,800 [including the CD] this includes the withdrawal of $20,000 to pay the deposit on the carpet purchase and install this fall and the loan payback to reserves for the insurance assessment we paid out of reserves earlier. The balance for that loan is ~$5,000 so will be totally cleared by next month. Reserves and expenses are on track to produce an end of year balance of ~$80,000. Better than projected earlier.

BMC Report-

Dianne and Tom both absent. Email summary from Diane:

  • It has been a very quiet month with regard to Action Grams/Incident Reports.
  • I would like to call your attention to the follow(ing) with regard to rentals: Laurel Hill commercial space expires at the end of this month. He is paying for light use of the space which doesn?t wear it out and with no hard use of utilities. Prior to last year, he paid the same amount for 5 years straight. He was angry when we raised the rent last year and said he would move out if we raised rent this year. I recommend providing him 2 options:
    1. Option 1: a 2-year lease with the first year having no increase and the 2nd year having a 2-3% increase.
    2. Option 2: 1-year lease with a 2-3% increase

We don?t have to feel pressured by the lease expiration date. Any offer we make to him can be effective 9-1-2016 or 10-1-2016.

  • Unit #206 lease expires 10-31-2016 I would recommend increasing the rent for a 1-year lease, or an additional 5% for a 6-month lease or an additional 10% for a month-to-month lease. It’s required we give a 90-day notice of change in rent on #206.

Rental changes as suggested by Diane were accepted by Rick, Giny and Clyde with Luther disagreeing and Jeff absent.

Old Business

  • An updated Engineering study of the Garage upper deck has been offered by the original engineers for $1000. Motion made to commission the review for $1000 by Rick, 2nded by Luther, passed unanimously. The report will include a visual inspection & a new report which will include recommendations about repair/resurfacing options. This will allow for better planning of Reserve Spending.
  • Project updates: North Stairwell Doors- The info from the Bell Hardware bid that we received on 7-8-16 for consideration was presented to the Board via email: They will: Remove and Replace Doors & Frames. Caulk around frames. Install Hardware onto new doors. Quote: $5,542.00 NOTE: excludes all paint. Lead time 5 weeks upon receipt of signed quote. Per Tom, invoice to be sent to Bennett Management. Verified with Tom that the quote includes labor for any concrete cutting that might be needed in the door frame installations. This quote is less that the amount allocated in our 2016 reserve maintenance expense ($7,500) Motion made by Rick to accept the bid and begin work with budget = $5,542.00, 2nded by Giny, passed unanimously.

New Business -

Tom’s annual review is coming up, do we need to take any votes to approve recommendations/actions about the results? This will be discussed in later Executive Session.


Thursday, August 25th at 4:00 PM.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:58 PM. No executive session.