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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Planning/Regular Meeting

Thursday, June 23 2016

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Giny Landgreen, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Luther Greulich

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Dan Solitz, Paula Rogers, Phyllis Fisher, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Christine Marie

Call to order 4:00 PM

[last minutes previously approved and published]

Owner’s Forum

Jeanne-Marie expressed her appreciation that BMC sent a substitute on short notice to fill in for Tom.

Paula Rogers has given up the WT newsletter production & Christine Marie has taken it up.

Committee Reports:

Emergency Preparedness Committee gave a preliminary report and will continue to work on the best format to present results to occupants of WT. Jeanne-Marie noted that CERT training was available from the city and Clyde will get more info about that and report back. Report included some items to share immediately:

  • All the original operable windows in the building are tempered glass.
  • All of the entrance doors have default batteries and would be operable if power fails.
  • There is a link to FEMA on the Willamette Towers Website. It is in the Emergency Tips under ADDITIONAL POLICE, FIRE, AND OTHER CONTACT INFO. Click it and it will lead you to download an app for your phone. It is recommended to do this so that it will be there ahead of time, if needed. Also has lots of other info there too.

Treasurer’s Report

May Operating Funds opening balance was $2,219; closing balance was $2,296. Only 3 units were in arrears for minor amounts. Reserve funds total closing balance for May was $95,800. $12,000 was transferred from operating funds to Reserves in May and we are scheduled to transfer ~$16,000 in June. The deposit for approved carpet replacement is due. Check for $20,000 will be requested to transfer funds from Reserves to operating funds. Remaining capital projects this year are the door replacements and balance (~$21,000) of carpet install.

BMC Report-

Front door replacement costs recommended to be increased to $9483 so it will include an ADA compliant disability access opener and closer mechanism.

Lighting repairs in common areas have been using the old style parts from the fixtures that were replaced on the ground floor. Those parts have now been used up so another floor will be upgraded to new fixtures to allow for more spare parts to maintain the rest of the building as before. Overhead door in the garage entry has finally been repaired. MMRC will begin search for another vendor/repair service for future needs.

Window washing was completed with only one reported issue with cleaning quality. Diane mentioned that the vendor’s bid for the next cleaning will be slightly higher as they spent more hours than they thought on the job.

The EntraGuard system for front door access has been replaced and is working well. Some programming glitches have been discovered.

Report any issues to Tom.

Old Business

Christine Marie expressed interest in forming a Committee for Community Building and will investigate community interest via the newsletter.

The Friday Chat up was attended by fewer people this time but many of them had not attended the previous occasion so this will continue into the future at least until the Fall. Luther made a motion for WT to reimburse him for expenses for the events. Seconded by Clyde Passed unanimously.

Reserve Study update from Tom The software program version we currently use for this only runs on Windows 7. To upgrade the software to the version that does run on Windows 10 will cost several thousand dollars and will also incur a yearly update expense of around another thousand. It was suggested that the association purchase a laptop that runs Windows 7 which will be used only for the Reserve study software and kept in the office. Luther and Jeff will research this and report back. Motion was made by Luther to approve spending up to $500 for a suitable laptop seconded by Clyde. Unanimous except for Rick against.

Parts and repair for our windows will be researched. Contact with more info on this is out of the country and will be queried when they return.

Official Windows Policy proposed final version will be presented at next meeting and then will go to a member vote after that.

Project updates

  • Trash rooms exhaust fan on the roof has been replaced.
  • ADA compliant front door increased expenditure Motion to spend the $9483 was made by Clyde, seconded by Giny - unanimous approval. Work should be completed within the next couple of months.
  • Window washers counted 30+ windows with plastic stops rather than more durable aluminum. These must be closely monitored for decay as they are the major backup for windows not falling out.
  • 2nd and 3rd floor North doors repair/replacement is out to bid

New Business

Motion to spend up to $400 for a power washer instead of paying BMCm$400 each time they have it done was made by Clyde, seconded by Giny, and passed unanimously.

Question was asked of architecture and design committee to discuss whether we want to redecorate the office space or not.

Also several choices for lighting sconces and ground floor tiles for hallways will be submitted to the committee for their recommendation to the Board.

Balcony water line configuration and management was discussed. Still undecided whether we do the plumbing fix to allow WT to control water flow or leave for owner/occupant of the unit to shut off the water in the fall to prevent winter water line freezing and bursting. Note: This method has worked fine for over 10 years.

Building insurance options and costs will be discussed at the October Board Meeting


General Meeting - Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 4:00PM

Adjourned at 5:10 PM