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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Thursday, March 24th 2016; 4:30PM, Willamette Towers Office

Board Members Present: Jeff Ryder, Chair; Clyde Horn, Secretary; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Luther Greulich


Present: Jeanne-Marie Moore; Dan Solitz; Paula Rogers; Jean Kern; Rex Hoffman; Bill Schwartz

Previous meeting was the Annual Meeting so there are no minutes to approve

No reported issues from Owners Forum


Treasurer :

Month-end February Revenues and Expenses are in planned budget except for telephone charges still being charged by old phone company. Rick will check on this and report at Planning Meeting.


$85,759.65 as expected. 4 units are in arrears for small amounts due to fees/fines. Not a significant dollar amount.


Diane is out of office but sent details of her report via email. Arbor vitae plants should be installed next week.

Several bids for window cleaning have been received.

Action Gram items have been addressed.



Jeanne-Marie Moore was asked to get estimate for cost for HVAC heat pump system[s] for Ground floor spaces. The person she spoke to gave an estimate of ~$4k per unit and each space would need its own unit to allow for individualized climate control. Jeff doesn’t think that is correct. Jeanne-Marie’s contact is coming for a walk-through soon so can get more exact information.

Storm water drainage has been resolved at $0 cost by the City. We also got a little more free work from City to get improved access for system cleaning, etc.

The bike rack area should no longer be in a puddle. If issues still exist, please do an Actiongram ASAP.

Architecture and Design

Final carpet choices will be presented to Board as soon as supply of carpet choices is assured. Planned/budgeted work would be done this fall.

Old Business- Misc. Updates:

Roof repair: work authorized at Planning Meeting by BOD.

Stormwater drain: Last steps are being finished up by City - completion in near future.

03 stack plumbing: Hot water supply issues have been corrected as far as testing has proved. Any further issues should be reported via Actiongram.

Issues and recent work

First-floor north hallway wall painting: Motion that up to $4k be spent from reserves to repaint the entire first floor, made by Jeff, seconded by Clyde, passed unanimously.

Building-wide Wireless: Feasibility study still under way. Dan Solitz is point person on this.

Window cleaning: Motion to accept the bid submitted by White Glove and hire them to do the work made by Clyde, seconded by Luther, & passed unanimously.

Current smoking in building: Actiongram received reporting smoker on 10th floor balcony.

Reiterate: Non-smoking building means just that. Policy reminder to go up on Bulletin Board.

Point person for janitorial /grounds issues: Tom via Actiongram is preferred method of contact so tracking of task is easier.

New Business

Schedule April Planning and BOD Meetings:

Planning Meeting, Thursday, April 7th at 4PM.

BOD Regular Meeting, Wednesday, April 20th at 4:30 PM.

Adjourned at 5:31PM