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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Planning/Regular Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Giny Landgreen, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Luther Greulich

BMC & Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners & Residents: Lauren Dame, Dan Solitz, Jean Kern, Paula Rogers, Phyllis Fisher, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Esther Erford

Call to order: 4:30 PM

Approval of 5/9/16 minutes

Moved to approve Rick, Second Jeff, passed unanimously.

Owner’s Forum

Paula Rogers has given up the Newsletter Production and no one has spoken up to volunteer so far. Interested volunteers please contact the office.

Emergency Preparedness information on the WT website has been updated with info about cell phone usage best practices.

We revived the Emergency Preparedness Committee. The EPC is composed of: Giny, Phyllis, Dan, Clyde and Jean [after Sept.] Giny is chair and Tom Weaverling is the BMC building liaison. Focus will be on what we as a community need for emergencies and sharing that information.

Committee Reports:

Architecture & Design: Recommended that we spend $299.00 for blinds in the office. Motion made by Giny, seconded by Rick, passed unanimously.

The garage walkway roof has been repaired and final painting will be completed sometime during the summer.


Plates, glasses, & soft drinks plus pita and hummus have been purchased for the event.

Treasurer’s Report

$7599 in Trust account, $2219 at end of month with only 3 units in arrears for minor amounts. First payment [$16,000] back to reserve to make up for the Insurance Loan Payoff [~$27,000] was made. Balance in reserve is $83,817.

BMC Report

Window Washing service will furnish a firm date by this Friday and Owners will be notified well in advance of the washing service.

Tom Weaverling will be taking 2 vacation days, June 16-17. A substitute will clean the lobby, laundry room and empty all the garbage cans for those days.

The EntryGuard security system will be replaced 5/20/16.

Diane recently found out that we have an assumed business name, Willamette Towers, in addition to our legal name, Willamette Towers Condominium. The assumed business name is due for renewal ($50 fee). Board approved the renewal. Motion to pay the fee for 2 more years of registration was made by Luther, seconded by Clyde and passed unanimously. Jeanne- Marie will check on what advantage we get for having both names registered for our use.

Actiongrams are all completed. Luther noted the $200 increase on the Otis fees for the year and that is in the contract we got with the elevators.

Old Business

1st floor painting is completed but may be modified by Tom by adding a complimentary paint color on the faces of the columns along the hallway to make it a bit more stylish. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

We officially thanked BMC for a stellar year of performance as our management company.

Smoking is still going on in the building so please report any incidents via Actiongram or call to the office.

New Business

Earthquake Insurance pros and cons will be investigated and discussed at the next meeting. The topic was raised before but was not chosen to be purchased at the time. Time to re-evaluate.

Bike exit may be changed from North end to South end doors after the installation of a disability access door auto-opener system. This is to save the walls just inside the door as people appear to be leaning their bikes against the wall to open the door which mars the paint and the wall.

A new committee has been formed to research Original Equipment Replacement; specifically, for the building’s windows so we can maintain a safe building environment and retain a uniform appearance in our window hardware and function, all this at a reasonable cost. An official reminder of the owner’s responsibilities about service and repair of their unit’s windows is being formulated and will be discussed at the June meeting. Tom, Luther, Dan and Clyde will be on the committee to find replacement parts.

Engineers that will evaluate the need/methods of resurfacing the top level of the garage will be found by BMC and reported to the Board. The engineering study is part of the 2016 reserve expense plan. Garage repair expense is scheduled in our Reserve plan for 2021.


General Meeting - Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 4:00PM

Adjourned at 5:14PM