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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors


Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Giny Landgreen, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Luther Greulich

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger

Owners: Dan Solitz, Douglas Beauchamp, John Rose, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Ken Guzowski, William Schwartz

Owners Forum

Minutes from previous meeting(s) approved via email and posted prior to meeting]


Insurance broker from Farmer’s


Operating budget is very close to projected income and payouts. We should end the year with $100,000+ in Reserves.

A PROPOSED DRAFT BUDGET for 2017 is now posted on the website. The Operating Budget for 2017 is currently also on the web.




Architecture and Design

For addressing the sidewalk, planter strip decisions, the MMRC and A&D committees will setup a joint meeting.

Old business

Window policy – Now passed to A&D for their input on possible solutions.

Earthquake insurance and insurance in general – tabled until more info is available.

Penthouse dryer vent cleaning

New Business

Gate for north alley – Passed to A&D for gate design choice.

Handrails for commercial spaces

A new “Safety Committee” has been formed: Luther, Clyde, William Schwartz, members. Tom, and Diane are advisory members.

Water surcharge policy

West side sidewalk work and ground cover – This was passed to the A&D committee for decision.

Vacuum upper parking surface – Scheduling of this along with application of a sealer TBA. This update requires all cars parked on the upper deck to be moved for ~24 hrs. to allow the sealer to cure after application. Motion to approve up to $1000 for this to be done by Clyde – passed unanimously.

703 plumbing exploration – Hot water pressure an issue. *Motion to get plumber in to investigate and repair, funded up to $2500 made by Giny – passed unanimously.

General vent issues – Tabled until Planning Meeting

Vacant unit inspections – Tabled until Planning Meeting


PLANNING MEETING October 13th at 4PM.

GENERAL MEETING October 20th at 4PM

Adjourned at 5:43PM

Executive Session