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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Thursday, August 24, 2017, 4:00pm

Board Members: Jeff Ackerman, Giny Landgreen, Rick Lowen, Clyde Horn, Christi Cooper

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Jean Kern, Luther Greulich, Christina Marie, Douglas Beauchamp, Rand Cooper, Debra Merskin

Amended agenda for meeting approved unanimously.

Minutes from July meeting amended and approved unanimously.



Report for month ending 7-31-2017
Operating Cash: Opening Balance 7-1 $2,573.00 Closing Balance 7-31 $12,116.84. Closing balance is higher than usual in anticipation of $11,000 reserve expenses in August.

Total YTD operating income $201,360 approx. $3,000 below budget

Total YTD operating expense $141,438 approx. $7,500 below budget

Reserves: $13,000 withdrawal - transfer to operating funds to cover reserve expenses (plumbing repairs-riser valves, blow out valves)

Closing balance $129,434.52

Clyde moved to approve report. Passed unanimously.



Two major items discussed at meeting: Garage upper deck patch and Rooftop catwalk for safer access. Recommend that the catwalk project [est. $25,000] be tabled until next Reserve Review and Budget Evaluation.


Recommend that Painting Project be put on hold pending the cost of the garage upper deck patch/repair is paid.


Action Grams forwarded to Board along with other pertinent docs.

Safety/Security The newly formed committee still needs more info before any action can be taken. Only thing to report is that all security upgrades [cameras, etc.] are on hold until after Reserve Study and Budget Committee meetings.

Owners Forum

Douglas and Debra both voice issues with the Window Policy, how it is enforced, and how it was reached. They do not see any details about deliberations in the minutes from December 2015 to May 2016. Debra is appealing the results of the Board directed evaluation of the state of repair of her windows. Debra’s appeal will be heard and handled in an Executive session meeting directly following this meeting.

Old business

Windows: To be addressed in Executive session.

Tagging: Wall repainted after tagging with paint that is resistant to Xylene solvent.

Plumbing: All riser work has been completed and ceiling tiles to replace damaged ones are on order.

New Business

Heat pump and ducting install on 202 deck: Clyde moved to approve as it is minimally visible from ground level and has minimal sound impact. Owner is to provide Board [BMC] with signed letter stating their acceptance of terms stating their responsibilities and liabilities. Seconded by Giny, passed with Rick in opposition. Letter to remain in unit folder as part of documents available to potential buyers.

Pet Policy: Returned for edits to verbiage.

Garage upper deck patch: MMRC recommended that Speedcrete patch material be applied to the surface after removal of old butyl strips and cleaning. This is to minimize frost heave in the remaining wear surface so the support layer is protected until the total removal and replacement of the wear layer scheduled for 2019. BMC has submitted a bid for the project and the committee recommends that the Board accept the bid and authorize the spending of up to $10,000 for the patching. Motion by Giny to accept the recommendations of the committee and authorize the money be spent; seconded by Clyde - unanimous.

Window Washing: White Glove refuses to do the job due to safety concerns but Abbott also bid the job and is willing to do it starting Sept 12th. Cost will be $4500. Clyde moves to accept Abbott’s bid and spend up to $4500 to have them wash the windows. - Christi seconded - unanimous

Painting Project: Tabled as per A&D report above.

Next meeting of the board will be a REGULAR Meeting 4PM on Thursday, September 21st at 4PM.

Adjourned at 5:06PM.

Executive Session convened 5:07PM to discuss the appeal from Debra Merskin.

Adjourned 5:40PM

Open Session Reconvenes 5:41PM

Only Debra Merskin, Tom and Diane from BMC, and Board members in attendance. Board will accept the inspection report from Lane Glass with the understanding that another inspection by a licensed Glass Contractor will be done before August 30, 2018 and submitted to the Board.

Reminder that any liability for damages due to window failure is the owner’s responsibility.

Adjourned at 5:46PM.