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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

THURSDAY, July 20, 2017, 4:03pm

Board Members: Jeff Ackerman, Giny Landgreen, Rick Lowen, Clyde Horn

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Jean Kern, Dan Solitz, Luther Greulich, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Christi Cooper, Lauren Dame, Dottie Kemp, Bill Bomball, Barb Bomball, Paula Rogers, Simone Silva

Select new board member: -

Christi Cooper selected and seated- her term will run until the February Association General Meeting.

Amended agenda for meeting approved unanimously.

Minutes from June meeting amended and approved unanimously.



Beginning June Operating Funds balance, $2,193.89. Ending balance after transferring to Reserves, $2,573.00. 7 units had past-due balances, one more than 30-days in arrears , 4 have paid as of meeting date.

$10,000 was transferred to Reserves. Reserve contributions for the year are ~$10,000 low per estimates but that is due to expenses and within acceptable levels.

Jeff A moved to approve report. Passed unanimously.


Emergency Preparedness-

Jean Kern updated info about the Sept. 17 drill. Tom will be paid 2 hrs O.T. by Bennet/us to run the drill and building systems. Email will be sent in August as a reminder. Clyde moved to allow email blast. Unanimous.


2 water feeder lines found to have cracks and are leaking. The replacement of these plus multiple defective/compromised shower valves will all be done during a BUILDING WIDE WATER SHUTOFF on Monday, August 7th from 8AM-5PM. The cold water supply to the building MAY be available around noon and Tom will send email blast to alert owners at that time. Clyde moved to authorize spending up to $7,000 for the repairs [this includes asbestos remediation]. Passed unanimously.

The riser replacement project is completed. During the work 4 extra valves were found to be in need of replacement. They were not previously visible, either by eye or on the original plumbing blueprints. This resulted in $3,000 extra cost overall. These valve replacements were not part of the riser valve project but were on a separate system.

Social Committee - Next chat-up will be Friday September 22 5-7PM.


Paint colors being evaluated. Rick asked that the date for the paint job be scheduled prior to the final color choice is completed so we have a schedule. Suggested end of September as target dates. Will be a multi-day project as this includes elevator surrounds and each elevator must be shut down until paint is dry [~2 days each].


Window cleaning will be 3-days starting ~August 1st - Email will be sent out when exact date is confirmed.

Asphalt patch and seal will cause some traffic revisions August 10th ? Tom will have signage to direct traffic in and out of garages.

Received question from 708’s insurance company asking if any common areas were damaged due to the leak in 708. Diane will send reply.

Owners Forum

Old business


2 units are deemed critical repairs. First unit had Lane Glass re-inspect and their report mentions that there would be replacements of two non-venting windows whose seals had broken and that because of required aesthetics, aluminum stops would be used for the installation. This report was found to be insufficiently clear about the safety of the windows. Owner is out of town until July 30th. Motion made by Clyde to contact owner and require they have Lane County Glass re-inspect/re-submit their bid with their focus on safety and durability of the current state of the windows rather than just their aesthetics. Inspection to be completed and submitted to the Board by August 10th. Decision about repairs will be made at an August Meeting by the Board.

Other unit with critical repairs has scheduled the repairs. In the meantime, Clyde+Jeff+Luther+Billy will have a meeting to clarify the report Billy submitted.

Tagging: Xylene solvent used to successfully remove new tagging on painted wall. [Yay!!]

New Business

Lead testing: This is referred to the MMRC for research and suggested options for homeowners.

Pet Policy: Request from Tom that dog owners use external garbage containers to put dog poop in rather than bring it into the building and put it in the garbage cans there. It is unsanitary. Cat owners handling of pet waste is not problematic as it is clumped, covered, and bagged.

Picnic in Common Area: Decided at planning session to allow a 6-8 person gathering on the lawn. Cleanup and impact on other owners to be evaluated.

Security: New committee will be formed by Clyde to investigate best options for improved security of our property. We are currently doing all City of Eugene suggestions. What can we do even better?

Next meeting of the board will be a REGULAR Meeting 4PM on Thursday, August 24th at 4PM.

Adjourned at 5:50PM.