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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Thursday, June 22, 2017, 4:03pm

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Giny Landgreen, Rick Lowen, Jeff Ackerman

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Debra Merskin, Christi Cooper, Luther Greulich, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Jean Kern, Lauren Dame, Dottie Kemp, Bill Bomball, Barb Bomball

Owners Forum

no one had any issues

Agenda for meeting approved unanimously.

Minutes from May meeting amended and approved unanimously.


Treasurer -

Beginning May Operating Funds balance, $2612.87. Ending balance after transferring to Reserves, $2,193.89. We are below expected yearly operating income by 2.39% but that is normal due to the usual start of year extra expenses. 7 units had past-due balances, none more than 30-days in arrears. Operating expenses ran 8.29% over budget but overall, YTD are 3.04% under budget. $13,000 was transferred to Reserves. Jeff A moved to approve report. Passed unanimously.


Emergency Preparedness-

Jean Kern submitted 2 handouts for board approval to distribute to all residents. Board approved distributing the 2 handouts and will have Tom send a group email reminder to all owners closer to the Sept. 17 drill. It will also be announced in the August Newsletter. Because of logistics and budget there will be no after-drill refreshments provided.


no report


Fire Dept. did inspection and Tom did a great job - building passed.

Blue star creeper not doing well on South end but is OK on North end in planting strip.

Cleaning the rooftop dryer vents will be done on 7/28 .

No date certain for window cleaning yet.

Owners invited to come along on walk-around 6/26 at 11:30

Mia Bella signed new lease [until 2020] Satori has requested a month- to-month lease when their current lease expires.

Tom and Kerry will paint over the wall tagging on 6/28.

Bids for security cams received [project on hold dueto budget].

A&D- Board approved money [$50] to buy paint test samples as requested by the Art & Design Committee.

Numbers on doors will remain as currently installed. Owners are reminded that any changes to the appearance of unit entry doors from the common hallways require Board review and approval per the By-Laws.

Old business

Newsletter will come out quarterly. Next edition is due out in August.

The bids for the ADA upgrades for the other two ground level doors came in $200 over previously approved amount. Board approved extra money to cover the shortfall.

Discussion of window inspections and distribution of reports - Deadline for response to hazardous window condition is 5 business days from the date the report is furnished to the Board and to the Owner [as per policy]. Owner has option to get second opinion from a licensed glazing company or contractor. The results, if different than the initial inspection can be submitted to the board for appeal.

New Business

Discussion of dangerous windows: they are very loose in the frame and are over-sized insulated double-pane.

Motion made & 2nd-ed to send registered mail letter to require owner to contact a licensed glazing company [glass company] within 5 business days to replace the glass with panes that will allow use of aluminum stops and report repairs back to Tom.

Former Air-BnB advertised unit is off Air-BnB and is up for sale.

A resident wants to have a private picnic using the common area lawn in back of the building. We’re waiting for feedback to questions sent back.

Board Elections

Jeff Ackerman will take over as the new Board president as of closing on the sale of Jeff Ryder’s unit.

A building-wide memo will be sent out by Tom asking for volunteers interested in filling the vacant general member seat [one person will be invited to join the Board]. This special term will only last until elections next February for a regular term take place.

Meeting adjourned 5:15

Executive session

Ordinary session

resumed at 5:20 Further discussion about dangerous windows situation. Motion made to stay original letter until further industry standards information investigation completed. [Note that Tom contacted several glazing companies and contractors for opinions by the next day and all recommended going ahead with the replacement ASAP. Letter sent.]

Adjourned 5:30

Executive session resumed.

Next meeting of the board will be a Planning meeting at 4PM on Thursday, July 13th

REGULAR Meeting 4PM on Thursday, July 20th