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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

THURSDAY, March 30, 2017, 4:00pm

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Giny Landgreen

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Lauren Dame, Luther Greulich, Jean Kern, Jeff Newcomb, Christine Marie

Owners Forum

Christine Marie – her 3-wheel bike was stolen from the East side rack in spite of a good lock. Can we get a cage to protect the bikes on the racks?

Minutes from January meeting approved unanimously.



Beginning February balance in Reserve operating funds $17,319.05. Ending balance after paying Insurance premium [$37,003.04] 2,021.79.

Balance due for insurance loaned to operating fund from Reserves and will be paid back to Reserves from HOA and operating funds as it was last year.

Our $30,000 CD has matured and will be rolled over into another yearly CD that matures next year.

$107k in Reserves leaving $70k in Reserve operating funds


Emergency Preparedness-

Reported on plans for fire drill in the Fall plus plans for a few resident owners to become CERT [Citizen Emergency Response Trained] trained to aid in emergency response if they are interested.


Still monitoring garage repair status. Nothing new to report.

BMC – Several items in their report:

Parking strip – Diane had a suggestion from their landscapers that we use flowering creeping thyme ground cover instead of ajuga. It is ~$600 cheaper to do the job. Jeff Ryder moved to assign money to use the cheaper plants: passed unanimoisly.

Sidewalk trip hazard remediation - stalled due to equipment failure but will resume soon.

New Commercial Lessee – Approved by Board for a 1 year lease. Primary business is packaging and shipping on-line sales of flavored glycerin used by “vapers.”

Window Washing – To be done in late July. Selected bid from “White Glove” who did the building last year and Diane will verify that they include cleaning the window ledge and spiders off of window surrounds.

Owner query about door numbers updating/replacement – This will be sent to Architecture and Design committee.

Created an Insurance Committee…

who will read and evaluate our policies and be ready for recommendations to the Board when next we negotiate our coverage – Luther Greulich and Clyde Horn are on the committee so far. More participants are encouraged to join.

Old business

Window Policy- Policy has been created and approved by the Board. Text of Board-approved policy will be posted.

Reserve Study changes to save up for the garage resurfacing. Motion to approve the changes was made by Rick, 2nd by Clyde and passed unanimously. The 2019 project will likely take up to 50 days to complete and requires that the entire garage be vacated for the duration. RFPs sent to 4 firms and 1st came back at ~$250,000.

Newsletter– tabled because Jeff Ackerman was absent.

Action Grams– all completed including reported smoking and noise issues.

Tagging cleanup update – Tom discovered a product that is supposed to lift off tagging paint. He will try it out this week and then we can see if we need a “painting party” or not.

New Business –

Giny moved and Clyde 2nd that the scheduled 2nd phase update of the Plumbing risers, Asbestos remediation and 12 valve replacements bid of $21,000 be approved and the work done. Passed unanimously.

Clyde moved and Giny 2nd that the bid for the plumbing repair for units 301- 302 of $6,000 be accepted and the work done with the residents housed at our expense in a motel for the 2-3 day duration of the repair. Passed unanimously.

Annual Info update – tabled

Next meeting of the board will be a general meeting at 4PM on WEDNESDAY, April 26th.

Adjourned at 5:20 PM.