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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Thursday, May 26, 2017, 4:03pm

Board Members: Jeff Ryder, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen, Jeff Ackerman

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Bill Burgess, Christi Cooper, Luther Greulich, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Jean Kern, Christine Marie, Debra Mershin

Owners Forum

Minutes from April meeting amended and approved unanimously.



Beginning April Operating Funds balance, $2208.88. Ending balance after transferring to Reserves & paying Insurance premium loan back, $2,612.87. Transferred to Reserves ~$16K because we paid reserve expenses from operating funds [~$10K ] and repaid reserves [$3K] for insurance premium loan. We are below expected reserve contribution but that is normal due to the usual start of year extra expenses.

Jeff R noted that when final bid for garage resurfacing project is approved, we will need to have ~25% deposit to start the work. Jeff A moved to approve report.

Passed unanimously.


Emergency Preparedness-

Adding updates to Bulletin Board info.


Recommended spending $2k to replace the ducting from the 1st floor bathroom fans to allow access for valve replacements and maintenance. Will replace with flexible rather than rigid materials. Clyde moved to approve spending up to $2k to replace rigid with flex materials so the plumbing project can be completed. Passed Unanimously.


Ground cover in parking strip is completed and sprinklers did not need repair after winter freeze.

Window cleaning is now scheduled for mid-end of June and will cost less than estimate. Owners will be notified as the date approaches.

Mia Bella rental contract negotiations include utilities and rent increase as well as reimbursement for water shut-offs = $125/day and Monday as preferred day for any shut-offs.

Bid for garage resurfacing is limited to one source so far and will probably remain so until next year due to contractors now in busy season.

Old business

301-02 repairs are completed under budget.

Added security camera bids due this week.

Asphalt repair is scheduled and is also going to be under budget.

Painting out the tags on the garage wall in the alley will be ready to go soon.

New Business

Luther and Jeanne-Marie appealed the fines levied on their renters who were the cause of two problems; paint spilled in the elevator, sidewalks, & hallways combined with a loose dog who tracked it around and caused a bigger mess. The cleanup cost was $240 and the unit was fined for the spill and the loose dog [$75 each] The cleanup and fines have been paid by Jeanne-Marie. Would like to get the funds returned.

Board decided that one of the $75 fines will be credited to Jeanne-Marie’s rental unit. The cleanup costs will not.

Next meeting of the board

will be a general meeting at 4PM on Thursday, June 22nd.

Adjourned at 4:45 P.M.