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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

THURSDAY, November 21, 2017 - 4:00 pm

Board Members: Jeff Ackerman, Giny Landgreen, Rick Lowen, Clyde Horn, Christi Cooper – by phone

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Jean Kern, Luther Greulich, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Rand Cooper, Esther Konop, Bill & Barb Baumball

Agenda for meeting approved unanimously.

Minutes from October meeting approved unanimously.

Treasurer – Report for month ending 10-31-2017

Operating Funds: Opening Balance 10-1 $12,117

Closing Balance 10-31 $18,625

No contribution to Reserves due to paying for Garage deck project Engineer and garage deck repairs last summer.

Reserves: Closing balance $151,439.89

Clyde moved to accept report. Approved unanimously

Insurance Committee –

One proposal for insurance received. Waiting for another bid so can compare them.

Chat-up Committee –

No meeting in November. Next is Dec. 15th “Holidays Party” and then continue in January.

Old business –

Pet Policy Bylaw Amendment verbiage approval –

Rick moved to accept the changes made by counsel and send it to all owners for their vote/approval. Send it by whatever means determined to be the best way.

Discussion decided that written notice will be sent by BMC containing the bylaw showing the amendments, a ballot, and a cover letter explaining why we need the bylaws to grant the authority to the BOD to regulate pet size and number allowed to be kept here. Approved unanimously

BMC report –

Actiongrams forwarded to Board. Plumbing [hot water] problems are due to maintenance taking place and will be addressed when reported.


Tom reports that plumbing maintenance has cost an additional $3,000 over the allotted budget amount for the year so far. Tom estimates that an additional $65,000 is needed to deploy a longer-lasting maintenance fix for the plumbing issues (blockage in pipes).

Old business –

Giny moves to accept the proposed budget that includes a 3% HOA increase starting January 1, 2018. Clyde 2nds – Approved Unanimously. BMC will send required notification to all owners along with copy of budget.

Owners Forum –

Bill Baumball requests to see the window inspection report done for owners that was paid for by HOA for unit 701 as he has heard rumors that it states that there is a danger of the 701 windows falling out. Since his deck is directly below the windows, he doesn’t feel safe using his deck.

Updates on projects:

ADA door closure installations will be completed this week.

There will be plumbing work done that requires building water shutoff done next week.

Next meetings of the board will be a REGULAR Meeting Thursday, December 14th

Adjourned at 5:15PM.