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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 4:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Rick Lowen, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Esther Konop, Carol Jo Horn, Douglas Beauchamp, Jean-Marie Moore, Luther Greulich, Bill Bomball, Barb Bomball, Dorothy Quirk, Phyllis Fisher, W. Ayers

Agenda for meeting amended and approved unanimously.

Minutes from March meeting approved with correction unanimously.

Treasurer –

Cash account beginning March balance: $7598, end of month: $2119.

March total income: $28,812 Total expenses: $16,040. Transferred $19,000 to Reserves. Withdrew $25,000 from Reserves for 2nd payment on plumbing project. Reserves starting balance: $193,339, closing: $187,347. $30k CD is maturing and will be rolled over into another CD with slightly better interest rate.

Clyde moved to add an additional $30k to the CD. Jean 2nded, passed unanimously.

Committee Reports –

Emergency Preparedness:

The FAQ project is progressing and will be posted to the searchable website and hard copy when completed and vetted.

Newsletter: early in project and format has not been decided but it is projected to be 4x/yr. Posted on the website and available in hard copy.


Waiting for engineer’s plan to be sent to us on the garage project

BMC Report –


Coinmeter company has submitted a proposal to replace all the machines in the laundry with new machines [same number of card/quarters] that can also communicate via the web to let you know which machines are available or how long they have left to run.

They also guarantee quick maintenance on machines that have problems.

The contract would be for 7 years.

Our Association would earn slightly less money in return for new machines.

Diane will check with them about their accessibility ADA options.

Emergency window repair

we paid the bill for the temporary fix and will bill back to the unit owner.

Window cleaning

will take place as the insurance coverage the vendor has will leave us blameless if injury happens. Timing of washing depends on the weather.

Bylaw change vote

Not enough ballots have been received yet to have a valid vote. Clyde moved to extend the ballot due date by one month and ask Diane to send reminders to all owners who have not yet voted. Seconded by Rick – passed unanimously.

Roof safety upgrade

We will need a structural engineer to consult on how to meet current OSHA safety standards or we will not be able to get vendors to wash the windows. Tom will query our engineers working on the garage project.

Owner’s Forum –

Douglas offered to volunteer to join Diane’s walk-arounds to determine maintenance needs in order to determine needs for improvements. Diane welcomed his participation and will notify him specifically when the next one is scheduled.

Old Business –

Smoking issues:

Barb Bomball noted that cigarette butts have ended up on their deck in the past and asked how to report things like this.

Action Gram forms [hard copy or on the website] should be used by all to report smoking violations or any other problem they perceive.

Smoking Warning letters have been sent to all the offenders found so far. A notification that a fine has been levied was sent to one owner.

Plumbing Project

Tom reports that the project is moving along OK with only a few snags. Next up are the Kitchens in the 01 stack which will be followed the next week with the final 07-08 stacks kitchen and baths.

The project has greatly improved water flow in units as per several reports. (YAY!)

Recycling Announcement

from the City about recycling changes only affect RESIDENTIAL customers and not us…yet.

Our new vendor will provide us with visual aids for sorting recycling.

Jesse mentions that the amount of recyclables that end up in our garbage costs us money and needs more involvement from residents to make the effort.

The “Green Committee” may be re-instituted to encourage residents.

New Insurance Notification

that all homeowners should check with their own Insurance agents about what their unit’s coverage is and, if needed, contact our building’s Insurance Agent [name and number available from the office] to make sure their personal coverage is as they desire.

This reminder will be included in the FAQ’s and Newsletter when they are each published.

New Business – none

Next meetings of the board will be a REGULAR Meeting

Tuesday, May 29th 4:00 P.M.

Adjourned at 5:22 PM.