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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018, 4:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi, Rick Lowen   

BMC: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Esther Konop, Christie Cooper, Luther Greulich, Phyllis Fisher

Call to order 4:02 PM

July Minutes Approval:

Rick Moved to approve, Jean 2nd - unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report:

Operating Funds: Opening $5,096.76; Closing $2,896.11.

Total Operating Income: MTD (Month to Date)- $29,954.41 YTD (Year to Date)- 210,081.58 [in budget guidelines].

Total Operating Expense: MTD - $12,213.59 YTD $118,200.02 [in budget guidelines].

July expenses don’t include our payment of $4,706.47 to repair the 2nd floor flooding damage. We received complete restitution from the owner’s insurance so it was effectively zero.

$18,000 was transferred to reserves.

Reserves Opening Balance - $148,731.36 Contributions - $18,000.00

Withdrawals - $0.00 Interest - $141.61 July Closing balance - $166,872.97.

No Reserve Expenses were paid in July.

Clyde Moved to accept the report, Jesse seconded - unanimous

MMRRC Committee:

Garage project update -

RFP going out from Mortier Engineers today or tomorrow. Bids submitted during the solicitation period will be evaluated by Mortier and the MMRC committee and then a recommendation will be made to the Board.

Questions about the project have been entered into a Google Docs spreadsheet to make communications easier. The answers to the questions and any others added to the list are not binding until a contract is signed, but will be monitored by the committee.

If anyone else has any questions, please submit them to the MMRRC committee via Tom.

The engineers will negotiate all design issues on our behalf.

There was a communication glitch between the engineers [Mortier] and the MMRRC which has now been resolved.

Jesse will act as the central contact point for all communications from and to the engineers.

Security & Technology Committee:

Clyde gave a brief overview of the bike room proposed project to get board OK for doing deeper dive in getting costs and design details.

Board consensus was that we should proceed and also include provisions for reclining, tandem, and tricycle, format bikes in the storage options. Also need to define the number/unit and monetary costs & conditions of assigning a spot for bike storage [owners first?].


Diane reports that the window washer’s insurance has finally been OK’d by our Insurance agent as adequate. He will begin work immediately.

The walk around “punch list”, ActionGrams and Incident Reports were all provided to the Board for review. The “punch-list” helps track the resolution of items found during the walk around.

The new Laundry Room Contract info provided to the Board brought up several new questions. No decision about the contract was reached.

Owner Forum:

Transient activity has risen due to the city’s efforts to force them out of the downtown core. We have clearance to call the EPD about any activity in the North walkway [where the dumpster and recycle is]. We can call the non-emergency EPD number to report trespassers in that location or elsewhere on our property.

Lauren will create a door note to alert residents of this ability.

Old Business:

The roof MUST be modified to meet new national OSHA safety standards or there will be no access permitted, not even Tom. Tom is getting info for the Safety & Technology Committee to review and make recommendations to the Board for a vote.

Consultant engineering firms must inspect and review the roof. Each inspection will cost ~$1500-$2500. A ballpark estimate of a solution is ~$25,000.

Diane provided a Janitorial list as requested but it is confusing so she will redo it in an easier format.


Adjourned at 5:00 PM.