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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

TUESDAY, March 20, 2018, 4:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Jeff Ackerman, Rick Lowen, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Jesse Fittipaldi, Luther Greulich, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Esther Konop, Bill Bomball, Dorothy Quirk, Phyllis Fisher, Christi Cooper, Bill, Paula & Miles Radetsky, Dottie Kemp

Agenda for meeting amended and approved unanimously.

Minutes from February meeting amended and approved unanimously.

Treasurer –

February Operating funds- Beginning: $2976.01 Ending: $7597.95.

Contributions to Reserves: Jan. $17K. Feb had no transfer due to paying Reserve project bills due [ADA doors $7302]. ~20 owners still have not corrected their automated bank transfers to new amount of HOA Dues. They are being billed by BMC and reminded that the late fee waivers are not going to remain in effect.

BMC will look again next month and bring to Board whether to begin charging late fees or not.

Reserve balance currently = $192,339.42 which includes a $30,000 CD that will reach maturity April 19th at which point it can be rolled over into a new 1 yr. CD at a little better rate. We may opt to add an additional $30k to the CD at roll over time. This will be on next month’s agenda.

Committee Reports -

No committee reports submitted.

[Listing of committees: MMRC, Emergency Preparedness, Architecture and Design, Social, Insurance, Security. Plus any Ad Hoc committees that may be formed for a particular reason.]


There was a bike theft earlier this week – Announcement to entire building will be sent from BMC.

Pet Policy Ballot – 29 returned out of 92 so far.

New renter in 1307 [Satori] has taken over the space.

Per current Plumbing Policy, Tom’s late night plumbing rescue of Phyllis should have been done by Phyllis calling her own plumber.

Owner’s Forum -

Phyllis volunteers to do a canvas of all the building occupants to gather topics they would like to use for a FAQ for people in Emergencies [like the one she faced]. She will work with the Emergency Preparedness Committee and bring a suggested list to the Board.

Plumbing Policy - will be reviewed by the MMRC to see if there can be some clarification added.

Tobacco or Cannabis Smoke making life miserable in 1103. - Paula will work with the Security committee to see if smoke source can be located.

Building-wide Notices will be sent by BMC reminding all of current Smokefree Building status. Signage may be added as well.

Old business –

Garage doors are repaired. Garage lower-level lighting updated/repaired.

New Renter in 1307.

By-laws change ballots have been sent and reminders will now be sent to those who have not yet replied.

New Business –

Jeff Ackerman resigns from the Board. He will be moving away for a year for work. He will retain ownership on his 2 units in the building.

A notice to all owners will be formulated and sent soliciting applications to complete his term [‘til Feb 2019]. At least a week will be allowed for replies. Decision will be made at April 3 Board Meeting.

The Plumbing work schedule has been sent to all and posted. Response of occupants to key/access requests has not been great. Reminders will be sent. Note that there are instances of the keys/access being needed TWICE for some units. Again, reminders will be sent.

A less expensive garbage service [Sanipac] has been found. Jeff Ackerman moves that we change services to the less expensive SaniPac service- 2nd Rick = unanimous.

Insurance policy questions from Real Estate Agents – Tom/Diane will refer all inquiries from Agents/buyers to our AmFam Agent for answers.

Window Washing – Jeff moves that we accept the bid from Tim Abbott [$4500] to do the windows for the building after his bond and insurance is reviewed by our agent to assure that we are in no way responsible for his accidental injury or death. 2nd Jean = unanimous.

Request for reimbursement for water filter install and subsequent clogging. More info will be gathered from professional and owner sources – tabled.

Clyde moved that the deadline for submission/receipt of Policy change ballots be extended by two weeks to Friday the 13 th of April to allow more time for owners to respond to the vote. 2nd Jean = unanimous.


Planning Meeting Tues. April 3, 4PM

Regular Meeting Tues. April 17, 4PM

Adjourned at 5:45 PM.