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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

TUESDAY, November 27th, 2018, 4:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Rick Lowen

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling, Diane Sollinger

Owners: Christi Cooper, Phyllis Fisher, Luther Greulich, Hal Dillon

Call to order 4:05 PM

October Minutes Approval:

Jean moved to approve, Rick 2nd – unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report:

Operating Funds: Opening $2,527.36 Closing $2,409.40.

Total Operating Income: MTD - $29,563.91 YTD – 299,472.61 (in budget guidelines). Total

Operating Expense: MTD - $16,478.62 YTD - $170,995.04 (in budget guidelines). $12,000 was transferred to reserves in October.

Reserves Opening Balance - $198,908.49 Contributions - $12,000.00 Withdrawals - $0.00 Interest - $21.36 October Closing balance - $210,929.85.

Next year’s budget reflects a 5% increase in HOA dues as of January 2019 to allow funding for outside professional services to aid in planning future plumbing project, fund the roof safety project, and any other needs.

Leftover balance, if any, will go into Reserves. Budget including increases to HOA will be sent to all owners and posted with the October minutes on the bulletin board.

Clyde Moved to accept the report, Jean seconded – unanimous

An ad hoc Plumbing Project Planning Committee will be formed.

Membership will be solicited at the Annual Meeting. This committee will only focus on the details, planning,and funding of the future major pipe replacement upgrade and may or may not contain current MMRC members.


Packet of information

to be sent to owners prior to Annual Meeting has several components this year. Diane will work with Lauren to get all the pieces created for sending out by end of December/early January.

Garage project update:

Two bids have been submitted but they are in different formats. Our engineer has requested that the bidder with improper formatting fix their bid and the second bid redo their bid to include the proper waterproof barrier replacement method.

Bids are expected back to the engineer in time for their recommendation to be approved [or not] by the Board during December meeting. Work begins in late Spring and will take 8 weeks.

It was mentioned that we can ask the city for the cost of a parking pass for metered city streets as soon as we have a date certain for work to start and that free on-street parking is available anywhere South of 14th Street.

Garage pole lights replacement

of one burnt out bulb and two other fluorescent bulbs with LED lamps will save us $$ due to long life of LEDs. Cost < $1550.00.

Clyde moved to have this done now since one is burned out and cheaper to do all 3 at same time. Jean 2nd - unanimous.

Fire equipment [valving] needs

to be redone to meet current code. ~$3160.00 in one bid.

Can BMC accept a second bid and choose the lower bid without another Board OK as this is time critical?

Clyde moves to allow BMC to accept the lowest bid for the valve replacements. Jean 2nd – unanimous.

Owner Forum:

Laundry Room update is GREAT!

Luther reminded us that the Insurance renewal date is end of February 2019 so we should begin process now. Diane will contact Traci from our current carrier, AmFam, and will forward info to the Insurance Committee for their recommendation.

OLD Business:

Roof Safety Project

$1000.00 charge for creating an engineering plan for the Roof Safety Project will allow us to see one option for doing it.

We have the option to either accept the method as shown in the drawing and begin construction or ask another engineer for another drawing/method. Either way it is the first step in fixing the current inadequate roof protection conditions.

Per OSHA Rules beginning 2019 NO roof maintenance or access is allowed.

Clyde moved to pay the $1000.00for the concept drawings so the MMRC can start on fixing this issue. Jean 2nd – unanimous.

Clyde moved to accept the current reserve study

which outlines the planned expenditures for maintenance and improvements.

Note that the numbers are only accurate in the short term (2019 yr) as they do not include any data from the Plumbing Project Committee for the longer term project. Jean 2nd – unanimous.

NEW Business:

1301 appealed the assessment of smoking fine and late fee. These will be removed and Lauren will communicate with the owner about why the fine was assessed.





Adjourned at5:23 PM.