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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

Meeting TUESDAY, July 16th, 2019, 5:15pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Hal Dillon

BMC Personnel: Tom Weaverling

Owners: Bill Bomball, Barb Bomball, Richard Bomball, Rebecca Humble, Rick Lowen, Esther Konop, Linda Seymour, Phyllis Fisher, John Rose, Christi Cooper

Call to order 5:15 PM

Agenda Approval:

Jean moved to approve, Hal seconded - unanimous

Treasurer’s Report - Month ending 06-30-2019

Operating Funds

Opening Cash Balance 06-01-2019: $28,451.83; Closing Cash Balance 06-30-2019: $8,474.51

Total Operating Income: MTD Actual $ 31,504.21; YTD Actual $187,409.82

Total Operating Expense: MTD Actual $ 12,054.00; YTD Actual $143,525.65

Overall year-to-date expenses are under budget by $700. No line items were so over budget that they are worth mentioning.

A Professional Fee of $584.00 was paid to Mortier for the rooftop project.

Parking lot repairs cost summary MTD = $38,406.53; YTD = $106,084.67.

There was no June transfer into reserves.



June Opening Balance $206,512.38

June Closing Balance $206,563.38

Clyde Moved to approve the report, Jean seconded - unanimous

Committee Reports:


Tom reported on the meeting they had to address the in/out ramps of the garage upper level. It has been discovered that the internal metal mesh has broken through the surface and needs to be resurfaced so this is not a cosmetic fix but a needed repair.

Price to do this will be $7000.00

(WTB met via email and OK’d the expense that was recommended by the MMRC committee.)

Work will be added on to the current job and will not delay the re-opening of the structure. The contractor offered to delay payment until February 2020 but we may not need to do that as the budget is looking better than it did initially.

Expected reopening will be around August 9th.

Striping and parking bumpers installation will take place within the next few weeks. After that, the interior walls will be repainted.

Project is on track and on budget. 3 weeks delay due to weather.

Roof upgrade –

Anchor designs sent from manufacturer were sent back with changes by the engineer. New design expected to be returned soon.

Latest estimate for total cost of upgrade is <$70,000.00 including the exit platform next to the door.


The CPA has the WT financial review scheduled for sometime in September.

Our residential tenant in 206 is moving out 8-31-2019. We are gearing up to market the space as soon as we can get interior photos.

The commercial tenant in 1309 is moving out 7-31-2019. He paid his rent with a check which was returned NSF and we have sent a firm notice to be paid immediately.

The tenant in 1307 wants to lease that space, and we recommend issuing a lease for the space (same rent as Sloth Sauce $554) with lease term ending 2-29-2020 because this is when the lease for 1307 ends and we could work out a lease agreement moving forward, on both units. (Lauren moved to task Diane with this changeover and spend ~$60.00 to clean the carpet. - Jean 2 nd - unanimous).

Tom’s hire anniversary is July 22 and he would like to carry one vacation day forward to the following year. He would like to take vacation: ó days July 23 and 24, and full days July 25 and 26. A BMC crew member would help with the lobby and garbage on the 26th. (Clyde moved to allow the rollover – Jean seconded – unanimous.)

New owner of 605 was late in paying HOA fee due to BMC portal difficulties & would like to waive the penalty. (Clyde moved to allow this. Hal seconded - unanimous).

Noted that other owners have also had issues with the portal - BMC has been notified of issues.

Owner’s Forum

John Rose mentioned that the Reserve Committee is looking for new members to help review the plan and update it. Tom will send an email invitation to all owners.

Rick mentioned that the minutes for May are not yet posted. Tom will post them and the June minutes as well.

What to do about the graffiti wall was discussed and more research into cost/method alternatives is needed.

New Business –

Should we explore the possibilities to add exhaust fans to the Mia Bella space to remove hallway smells? It was mentioned that the South storage area was particularly pungent recently.

Tom explained that he ran out of room in our 4-cubic yard dumpster and left a load on the cart in the boiler room next door. He has had to do that only 3 times so far. He reported an increase in garbage that contains recyclables and even Styrofoam blocks [which are neither recycle nor garbage and are supposed to be disposed of elsewhere], plus bottles, cans and other easily recycled items.

As we have a large Recycle Bin, we can keep using our current garbage bin simply by recycling more items rather than tossing them in the garbage.

Lauren will craft a letter to all owners about ways to avoid having to raise the HOA fees to pay for the added garbage disposal by recycling more.

It was suggested that the Office area could be used as a social area for meetings of clubs and just hanging out and meeting people. There are several impediments to that use:

  • Tom has sensitive personal data of owners and occupants in his filing cabinets and other items that would be hard to replace if stolen or relocated.
  • Access to the ceiling must be available in case of leaks or other plumbing or electrical issues. So, any wall installed must be both secure and movable, not an easy item to find.

This will be considered by all and more thoughts will be shared at the next meeting. In the past, Board Members have provided “security” at monthly social gatherings held there.

Next Board Meeting will be:

Tuesday, August 13 at 5:15PM

Adjourned at 6:22PM