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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Meeting TUESDAY, March 19th, 2019, 5:15pm

Members: Lauren Dame, Jean Kern, Hal Dillon, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Christi Cooper, Esther Konop, Rick Lowen, Paula Redetzky, Bill Bombaugh

Call to order 5:17 PM

January Minutes Approval: –


Annual Owner’s Meeting Minutes Approval: –


Treasurer’s Report: Month ending 2-28-19

Operating Funds

Opening Cash Balance 2-1-19 $2,782.07
Closing Cash Balance 2-28-18 $10,238.71
(*high balance due to coming insurance payment no Reserve transfer)

Total Operating Income
MTD Actual $28,463.00
YTD Actual $60,101.41 in budget guidelines

Total Operating Expense
MTD Actual $19,499.36
YTD Actual $51,325.71 in budget guidelines


February Opening Balance $237,856.41*
Contributions $0.00
Withdrawals $0.00
Interest $52.38

February Closing Balance $252,908.79


Garage Project –

nothing new to report.

Roof Safety Walkway Project –

just received preliminary drawings from engineers. Meeting next week to discuss both projects and announce start/completion dates of the projects and as much detail as determined at that time.

Roof Project RFP from engineer will be reviewed and hopefully sent out for bids.


Clyde moved that late fee waived at the request of owner after explanation –unanimous.

CPA who did our taxes will also do the financial review requested and voted for at the last meeting but will not begin until after his regular tax season work is completed.

Reminder to all owners/renters.

The APPROVED method of getting staff help in case of a building emergency is to go to the FRONT DOOR entry panel call box and use the #99 shortcut to dial direct to Tom.

He will respond. If he does NOT answer, only THEN call the phone number for the BMC After Hours help line posted on the sign in the office window.

Diane will schedule a walk-around inspection

of the exterior of the property in the next few weeks so if you’d like to join in, please tell Tom.

Diane and Tom are working with the City

to see what parking options are available for us during the expected closure of the garage during the demolition phase and the lesser impact of when only the resurfacing of the upper deck remains.

The East door

is no longer closing correctly due to thermal expansion and contraction of the door frame. The door will be replaced and the positive closure problem fixed.

Owners Forum:

Paula volunteered to form a committee to interview prospective owners.
It was pointed out that the Board doesn’t have the ability to do this legally.
If she wants to volunteer to form a “Welcome Committee” to greet new owners and introduce them to our important tribal knowledge about the building and the environs, that IS legal.

Rick is interested in continuing the efforts to have a vote of owners to allow a Bylaws change to enable the Board to create a Pet Policy that includes the size and breed of dog allowed.
Diane outlined the several steps that would allow us to try this again.
This will be discussed again later and a committee can be formed to bird-dog this to completion this time.

OLD Business:

NEW Business:


Tuesday, April16 th AT 5:15 PM



Administrative session

to discuss the Non Smoking Building compliance problems.

Adjourned 6:20PM