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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

TUESDAY, October 29th, 2019, 5:15pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Hal Dillon, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Phyllis Fisher, Esther Konop, Rick Lowen, John Rose, Dick Bomball, Barb Bomball, Bill Bomball

Call to order 5:17 PM

Agenda Approval –

Hal moved, Jean 2nd – unanimous approval

Previous Meeting Minutes Approval: with 60 cent amendment – Lauren moved, Jean 2 nd–

unanimous approval

Treasurer’s Report: Month ending 9-30-2019

Operating Funds:

Beginning Cash balance: $21,283.01. Ending: $2,000.00.

Total Operating Income: MTD actual - $30,692.25. YTD actual $281,750.14.

Total Operating Expense: MTD actual - $49,452.61. YTD actual $229,470.57.

Notes: Reserves:

Opening balance: $53,999.83.

Contributions: $0.

Withdrawals: $0.

Interest: $4.43.

Closing balance: $54,004.26. (Morgan Stanley account balance 10/29: $63,903.06)

BMC Report:

CPA doing review now.

Updated Otis Elevator contract offered.

  • Acceptance needed prior to Jan1, 2020.
  • Offered a 3% discount for first year of 5 year contract. $2550/quarter ($2632/qtr 2021)
  • “Charge out Rate”[Overtime – service calls outside regular business hours] very high, but less than others ($275-$400/hr). 3 free calls.
  • To perform inspections, maintenance and service as needed all covered.
  • This contract will be discussed at the WTB Planning Meeting.
  • Diane will investigate if a maintenance contract is legally required.


Roof safety project is totally completed.

Window washing will be scheduled for this November at the budgeted cost of $5,000.00.

Committee Reports:

Budget –

The Budget Committee held workshops/meetings spread over 4 nights to allow any owner to attend.

The Budget Committee is recommending a 13% increase in HOA fees, primarily to start adequately funding Reserves for the large plumbing project.

Owners may review the Reserves documents available in the Office to see that the income must increase to allow us to complete the project while maintaining the livability of our Towers.

Jesse had presented to the Budget Committee that the professional services line included ~$11,000 for plumbing consultants & engineering, and $6,500 for a professional Reserve Study, and advised that the amount should remain at that level.

John Rose asked about the $36,800 for paying for roof project completed this year; it has already been paid in part and the rest will be paid this year, but is the money coming from Reserves or the Operational budget? We need to make a note about this on the budget documents.


MMRC/Plumbing committee to review and prioritize projects (including plumbing) and present a plan in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Suggests that WT get Google mail accounts for Board positions to use so all Board emails are in same place. The account passwords etc can be shared with replacement members as needed.

Cracks in concrete in upper level garage structure – Jesse explained that concrete shrinks when it dries and that all concrete develops cracks. The question is what are the widths of the cracks, and are they acceptable?

WT recently had a third-party concrete contractor examine the cracks; he opined that the expansion joints were farther apart than he would do, but that the cracks were not problematic.

He recommends filling them in. Jesse and Tom will work together to bring the engineer out here to examine the situation to determine if any mistakes were made or if the work met acceptable design standards.

The plan will be to fill in the cracks in the spring after the slabs dry completely and it is warm enough to apply the sealant.

Reserve Committee –

Review and modify as necessary the plumbing project costs.

Create a separate plumbing project Reserve account with goal to spend more time in internal study of Reserve and Maintenance plans.

More money available by next Fall.

Merge the Reserve and Plumbing project funding together on spreadsheet.

Get outside Reserve Study completed.

Owner’s Forum:

Requested water shutoff to the 01/02 bathroom stacks on Nov 7 from 10AM-3PM. Tom will post notices on doors and send emails to all residents as hot water flow to the entire building will be slower during this time.

Old Business:

Curbside food waste recycling – We have found that we can get a bin for weekly pickup for $18.00/mo. Lauren moved that we do this as a 6 month pilot project to see if enough interest/participation warrants continuation. Clyde 2nd, passed unanimously.

New Business:

Security concerns have peaked with more transient and vandalism activity. It was decided that a building-wide email would be sent notifying owners and renters whenever criminal activity is reported.

The Security/Technology Committee needs members and a building-wide email will be sent asking interested people to contact Tom. Clyde will chair the committee.

Next Meeting(s)

Planning Meeting WEDNESDAY November 13 @ 5:15 PM [only looking at the Otis contract]

Next REGULAR meeting TUESDAY, November 26 @5:15PM

Adjourned at 6:08 PM