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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting–via ZOOM

Meeting TUESDAY, April 21st, 2020, 5:30pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Mya Johns, Hal Dillon, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger

Owners: Linda Seymour

Call to order: 5:09 PM

Agenda Approval–

Unanimous approval

Previous Meeting Minutes Approval:

Moved by Lauren and 2nd by Jesse- Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Month ending: March 31, 2020

As per BMC statement:

Operating Funds (Trust Account):

Beginning Cash Balance in Trust Account: $9,683

Ending Cash Balance in Trust Account: $14,899

Annual Budget – Comparative

Total Operating Income:

MTD Actual: $35,480; YTD Actual: $104,272

Total Operating Expense:

MTD Actual: $29,421 YTD Actual: $95,922

NOTES: As of 04/06/2020

1 unit with past due balance; reminder sent

The general insurance annual premium ($12,966) is reflected in this month’s operating statement.

As per Morgan Stanley statement

Reserve Account

Cash Flow:

Opening Balance $89,892

Contributions (Not included in BMC report.) $17,600

Withdrawals ($17,600)

Interest $1

Closing Balance (“Total Cash Reserves-Allocated”) $89,893

Committee Reports:

MMRC: no updates-

all activity frozen due to COVID-19.

Some information gathered about plumbing prices.

Photos of Kitchen and Bath construction from owners so far indicate that the demo/replace costs will not be excessive.

More info still to come on this, but it looks positive so far.

BMC Report:

Owners have been notified of problems reported in Actiongrams and fines collected as appropriate.

Special NON-smoking notice to be prepared and hung on doors on the top 4 floors on the North end of the building to try again to get the problem smoker’s compliance.

Owner’s Forum:

Linda mentioned the activities of the Green Committee are also frozen due to the COVID-19 threat.

There was discussion about the best location for the compost bin since there is increased foot traffic to it now.

It will be relocated to the South end of the building near the bike racks to test if that is a good spot for it or not.

Old Business: none

New Business: none

Next Meeting

ON-LINE Meeting: Tuesday, May 19th at 5:30 PM via ZOOM.

Adjourned at 5.39 PM