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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting – via ZOOM

Meeting TUESDAY, August 25th, 2020, 5:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Mya Johns, Hal Dillon, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Linda Seymour, Bill Bomball, Phyllis Fischer, Jean Kern, Brenna Leech

Call to order: 5:00 PM

Agenda Approval –

Unanimous approval

Previous Meeting Minutes Approval:

Moved & 2nd - approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

As per BMC statement

Operating Funds (Trust Account):
  • Beginning Cash Balance in Trust Account: $17,478
  • Ending Cash Balance in Trust Account: $ 6,318
Annual Budget – Comparison

Total Income:

  • MTD Actual: $ 34,241
  • YTD Actual: $239,125

Total Expense:

  • MTD Actual: $ 51,358
  • YTD Actual: $245,839


Extra operating expenditures this month:

  • Taxes- $13,898
  • Window washing $ 5,000

As per Morgan Stanley statement

  • Opening Balance $139,345
  • Contributions $17,600
  • Withdrawals $0
  • Interest $1

Closing Balance $156,946

Committee Reports:


  • Fire Alarms – waiting for Code OK before purchase and installation.
  • ADA door replacement for East Door – New Contractor will be sought as original has not responded to queries from Tom about status.
  • Lower Ramps resurfacing – TBD
Plumbing Project

Need ~$20,000 for engineering and permits to create work plan and $51,000 to re-pipe first floor to isolate the water supply for the business spaces to allow for work with shut downs as needed.

Lauren moved, Hal 2nd to allow $20,000 expenditure for the preliminary inspections and engineering along with permits as needed. - Unanimous

The Board discussed whether it was necessary to spend $51,000 to re-pipe the first floor, and decided that isolating the water supply on the first floor would not be needed if the work is scheduled for non-business hours, and decided not to move forward on re-piping at this point.

Other Items

Walk through of common areas with Diane and Tom resulted in several items that could use some improvements.

Lauren moved Jesse 2nd for Diane to create a scope of work starting list so we can prioritize and make decisions.- Unanimous.

BMC Report:

Diane sent ActionGram and Incident Reports.

Owner’s Forum:

Phyllis complimented Kerry on the design and painting of the alley walls.

Old Business:

Garage lights for lower level upgrade to LED. Project cost will be covered by Maintenance Budget and work will be done by Tom.

Lauren Moved to approve use of up to $2,000 of Maintenance Budget for this purpose. Jesse 2nd – Unanimous.

New Business:

Jefferson Westside Neighborhood asks if we are interested in getting fiber run to the building? Answer is Yes. Lauren will pass that on.

Tom has also made inquiries of CenturyLink and will be getting info on costs and special deals from them.

EV charging station on site for those with EVs. Can we afford it and where to put it/them?

Yes, the price is not too bad [~2k]. Where is the question.

This is on the list of items for MMRC and Hal will look into this for them.

Installing a power meter for the two Satori spaces [cost ~$450] – this will wait until normal function of economy and renter is working full time.

Next Meeting

ON-LINE Meeting:

Tuesday, September 29th at 5:00 PM via ZOOM.

Adjourned at 6:09 PM