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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

Meeting TUESDAY, September 29th, 2020, 5:00pm via ZOOM

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Mya Johns, Hal Dillon, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Linda Seymour, Phyllis Fisher, Bill Bomball

Call to order: 5:00 PM

Agenda Approval –

Unanimous approval.

Previous Meeting Minutes Approval:

Moved - Hal, 2nd - Jesse - Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Month ending August 31, 2020

Operating Funds

  • Opening Cash Balance [08/01/2020] $6,318.25
  • Closing Cash Balance [08/31/2020] $10,004.80


  • Operating Income $33,777.35
  • Operating Expense $31,739.51
  • Difference: $2,037.84

Note: Work order analysis reflects crew member support for Tom:

  • Training on different aspects of the building work
  • Coverage for when Tom was absent


  • Operating Income $272,902.09
  • Operating Expense $277,578.72
  • Difference: ($4,676.63)

Notes: Four units have minor balances due; one unit has past-due monthly fee. We have sent all of these a reminder.


  • Opening Balance [08/01/2020] $156,946.12
  • Contributions $17,600
  • Withdrawals $0
  • Interest $1.56
  • Closing Balance [08/31/2020] $174,547.57

Note: Balance as of 01/01/2020: $45,541.76

Move to Accept Treasurer’s report – Clyde moved, Lauren 2nd – Unanimous approval

Committee Reports:


Plumbing project planning is completed for now. 1st riser to be done is the easiest to get to and complete = “J” which feeds the #08 (correction- 06- ed) stack kitchen and dishwasher.

The upgrade of this stack should help with developing a work-flow for the rest to enable quick replacement. Permits and engineering will also be reviewed at this stage.

“Booster pumps” may be required to provide good pressure at all levels. Current pressure is OK so this only MAY be necessary but system will be designed to allow installation if needed per engineer.

BMC Report:

Mia Bella has caught up with deferred rent.

Diane is reaching out to Shehayla Jones to see if she will communicate to the Board what her current situation is, since the last communication only referenced her intentions through September.

The Board has been allowing her to pay what she said she could pay, but the balance of the deferred rent is still accruing.

Other WT occupant violations are being followed up by Diane and Tom.

Owner’s Forum:

Linda thanked the Board for their work on COVID and other concerns.

Old Business:

COVID Building-wide policies.

  • The “Masks REQUIRED in Common Areas” messages will be posted and people who violate the policy will be verbally reminded that they wear masks to protect their neighbors.
  • Residents should feel free to remind maskless people that they should be wearing one.
  • Visitors to the building should be limited.
  • New signage reflecting this will be posted soon and a letter/email will be sent to all residents reminding them of the current up-tick in infections here in Lane County.

New Business:

Tenant’s brother has caused problems and a letter has been sent to them and the owner.

Air quality within units during smoky pollution days:

A low-cost air filter/cleaner arrangement can be created with a box fan, an N-95 furnace filter of a size to fit the fan, and a bungee cord to hold the two together.

This method was mentioned by the County and State as a viable method to reduce room air pollution during smoky events.

The fan/filter assembly should not be left unattended as the fan motor will heat up more than usual sucking air through the filter.

This information is made as a public service and without recommendation or guarantee by the Board.

Just passing this on from the County and State.

Next Meeting

ON-LINE Meeting: Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 at 5PM

Adjourned at 6:02 PM

Executive session followed to discuss personnel matters.

On another item of business, Clyde Moved and Jesse 2nd to reimburse Lauren $60.00 for ZOOM purchase to use for HOA meetings during period of covid-related physical distancing. Passed [Lauren and Mya abstained.]