Willamette Towers

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Bollard and Elevator Pads Policy (for all non-move-in/out uses)

Revised December 2014

If moving in or moving out, see also the Moving In & Moving Out Policy.

Bollards, elevator keys and pads are managed by the site manager during office hours.

All activity using the elevators and North entrance bollards (i.e. new furniture purchases, service calls, contractors/construction uses, or other events that require using the freight elevator and the North entrance) should be scheduled with the site manager at least two days in advance.

For evening and weekend hours bollards and pads may be checked out from the site manager for non-move-in/out events.

  • Provide the site manager with a description of the activity to be conducted.
  • Leave a $50 deposit with the site manager to be returned after use.
  • Elevator pads and equipment must be returned the next weekday morning.

A parking permit will be provided by the site manager and must be filled out and displayed on all vehicles parked at the North entrance at all times.

Follow all rules regarding doors, hallways, elevators and safety and security spelled out in the move-in/out policy.

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