Willamette Towers

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Unit Construction Policy

Approved 9/30/2015

If construction work is planned, please email the site manager (or call at 541 344 4020) at least one week prior to avoid conflicts with any other projects.  At this time a description of the work and contact information for whomever is doing the work along with any required plans and permits–or a statement to the effect that the proposed work does not require permits or impact the building in violation of the By-Laws or Declaration–shall be provided.

If the work being done requires a Contractor’s License, the contractor’s name and license and insurance information shall be provided.

You will need to coordinate use of bollards, elevator pads and parking permits with the site manager.  

All tools, supplies and equipment must be brought in and out of the building through the north service entrance only.

No work, preparation or storage of materials, equipment, etc. may be done in the common areas (indoors or outdoors).  If the work cannot be performed in the owners unit, the work must be performed off-site.

Any debris or dust created in the common areas or hallways by contractors must be cleaned up prior to leaving the premises at the end of each work day.

At no time are vehicles to be parked in a way that blocks either the entrance or the exit of the parking garage.  For any work vehicle parked on-site, a legible, easily read contact information card needs to be on the dash of the parked work vehicle.

All major construction in units must be performed between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday - Friday. Please be respectful of all residents. Keep noise to a minimum.  

This policy is not intended to apply to emergency or service work.

Please refer to WT HOA By-Laws 7.2 before planning any alterations, additions, or improvements to your unit.

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