Willamette Towers

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Bicycle Policy

Approved 9/30/2015

Each resident who keeps bicycles in their apartment shall pay to the WT HOA an annual fee of $10. This fee is charged to pay for the re-painting of walls due to bicycle scuffs and marks and must be paid at the time the bicycle is registered at WT and at annual renewals. (New residents must register their bicycles, pay the fee, and receive their bicycle sticker at the time of move-in.) Upon payment of the fee the resident will receive a sticker which must be applied and be visible on the bicycle top bar and each bicycle stored inside must display this sticker. Only stickered bikes are allowed in the building. Non-resident bicycles are not allowed inside the building. A sticker is not required for bicycles stored outside the building.

Bicycles may be brought into the building only through the north entrance/ exit door.

Bicycles may be stored in the bicycle racks near the east building entrance, in front of the residents’ assigned parking space in the garage (maximum of two), or in residents’ apartments. No bicycle parts or partial bicycles may be stored in the racks or in front of residents’ vehicles in the garage; only complete, working bicycles are allowed. A bicycle seat or wheel temporarily removed to prevent theft is permitted.

Please do not track dirt, mud, ice, snow, water or debris into the building.

Owners will incur a fine for violation of this policy. Subsequent violations will be subject to escalating fines as provided in the HOA by-laws.

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