Willamette Towers

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Garbage and Recycling Policy

Revised December 2014

Willamette Towers provides basic garbage service for residents. Residents are responsible for following the rules of garbage and recycling. Contact your local landfill for disposal instructions for anything that is not allowed in the garbage or recycling.


Garbage rooms are located on each floor. Bag and seal all garbage in plastic bags before placing it in the containers. Do not leave recyclables in the garbage room; place in the outdoor container.


There is a recycling container for your use at the north end of the building. All comingled recycling should be placed in the large bin. A smaller bin is available if you cannot reach the larger bin. Flatten all cardboard and place in the large bin.

Secure shredded paper in paper bags. No glass.

Place all glass in the glass recycling bin.

Do not place toxic, flammable material, auto batteries, paint, oils, tires, water heaters, or large items (i.e. dishwashers, TVs, carpet, furniture) into the bins or on the ground. Styrofoam cannot be recycled or placed in the garbage rooms.

A recycling packet is available in the office.

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