Willamette Towers

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Locker Policy

Adopted November 25, 1997

Revised November 24, 2014

  1. Lockers are not deeded property. They are part of the General Common Elements. The lockers are for the use of residents of the building and fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors. Residents are allowed the use of one locker per unit(s) owned.
  2. As there are more units than lockers, the Board has set up the following procedure for residents to request a locker:
    • Make a request to building staff. The request will be processed in order of receipt.
    • If a locker is available, it will be assigned.
    • If a locker is not currently available, the resident’s name will be placed on the locker waiting list.
  3. Each locker user provides their own lock.
  4. When a resident who has been using a locker moves from the building, this locker must return to the pool for reassignment by the building staff to another building resident. Please notify the staff when vacating a locker so that a condominium lock can be placed

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