Willamette Towers

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Mailboxes and Mailroom Policy

Revised January 8, 2013

Mailboxes are located near the laundry room and include slots for outgoing mail. The laundry room contains four large mailboxes for packages and oversized items. The letter carrier will leave a key in your mailbox to open one of the larger mailboxes when you receive a package.

Do not leave free items for others to take away in the mailroom. There is a magazine rack where magazines in good condition can be left for others. Only magazines can be placed in the rack.

The south bulletin board is for owners and residents only. All notices should be respectful, dated and signed. No business cards or notices from non-residents are allowed. Remove only your own notices. The office will clear notices once a week. An extension may be requested.

The north bulletin board is locked and updated regularly by the site manager. It contains the WT Board of Directors monthly meeting minutes and other resident information.

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