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Move-In/Move-Out Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors October 30, 2012

Revised September 23, 2014

Move-ins/move-outs may only be done during the site managers’ work hours, and with his/her knowledge and supervision.

Please contact Willamette Towers’ office one week in advance to schedule moving in/out. Fill in the “move-in information” sheet with your phone and emergency contact number, vehicle information, vehicle insurance, and to register your bike. Please provide a copy of your homeowners’ certificate of insurance. New owners and renters must come into the office to complete registration before move-in occurs.

Only the north entrance may be used for moving in and out. Never leave the door unattended and/or blocked open unless a trusted individual is stationed by the door to prevent unauthorized entry into the building.

All moves into a unit shall be assessed a $200 non-refundable move-in charge. This charge shall be included in the unit owner’s next HOA dues assessment.

In the event that a unit owner fails to make the required arrangements to coordinate a move, the unit owner shall be assessed a fine of $300. This fine shall be included in the unit owner’s next HOA dues assessment.

All moves out of a unit must follow the same protocol as the move-in, i.e., one week’s notice to the site manager. There will be no additional fee for the move out. The $200 fee covers both the move-in and out of the same unit. The $300 fine applies should the above policies not be followed in the move out.

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