Willamette Towers

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Parking Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors September 25, 2012

Parking units are restricted to use for parking of operative motor vehicles. All vehicles must be licensed, have current registration, tags, and insurance. A copy of proof of insurance must be provided to the site manager annually and upon move-in. The Board of Directors (BOD) shall require removal of any inoperative vehicle, any unsightly vehicle or any other equipment or item stored in parking units. If the same is not removed, the BOD shall cause removal at the risk and expense of the owner.

Up to two bicycles are allowed to be stored in the front of the parking space between the parking berm and the wall. Bicycles may not extend out of the owner’s parking space. Bicycles must be registered in the Willamette Towers office. Only working bicycles are allowed; not bicycle parts. Nothing else may be stored in the parking areas.

Visitor parking spots are available for occasional visitors on the upper level. Each resident must contact the site manager and obtain a parking pass with the unit number, resident name and date of visit on it. The parking pass must be placed on the vehicle dashboard while the car is in the visitor parking spot.

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