Willamette Towers

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Pet Policy

Updated 9/28/2017

Only dogs, cats, and other domesticated household pets are permitted on the property. All animals including cats and other non-caged pets must be leashed and under proper control at all times when outside the pet owner’s unit.  No animals can be kept for commercial purposes. 

A total of no more than two dogs and/or cats are permitted per unit.  Residents with dogs will pay an annual fee of $10 to the WT HOA to reimburse the association for the additional wear-and-tear that such animals cause. 

Residents are not allowed to toilet dogs on Willamette Towers’ property. All dog waste baggies will be placed in an outside trash can.

Residents seeking exceptions to this rule for service and comfort animals must present documentation proving ADA compliance and must abide by all HOA requirements.

Unit owners are responsible/liable for any inconvenience, unpleasantness, damage, or injury caused by their pets. Damage to landscaping or other common areas by pets will be repaired at the owner’s expense.

Owners may be required to remove a pet from residence in the building after two written notices of violations of any rule, policy, or restriction governing pets within the condominium.

Note: This replaces the policy of 2015.

View the Willamette Towers By-Laws and a complete list of all Policies (Rules).

View the Willamette Towers By-Laws and a complete list of all Policies (Rules).