Willamette Towers

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Screen Door Policy

Adopted by Board of Directors prior to 3-17-09

Renewed October 2013

Revised by Board of Directors 12-20-14

Willamette Towers’ by-law 7.2(d) provides that residents may not change the appearance of the common elements or the exterior of a unit without permission of the Board of Directors (BOD). The Eugene and Oregon fire codes provide a door may not extend into a common hallway.

Owners may request permission of the BOD to install retractable screens that are mounted to the hallway door casings on a case- by-case basis. All screen doors must have a City of Eugene permit prior to installation. All installations must be performed by a licensed contractor.

All current screen doors that extend into the hallway in violation of the fire code must be removed within two weeks of the owner receiving written notice of the violation.

Any owner desiring to remove a screen door must remove the screen door and repair any holes or other alterations caused by the installation of the screen door.

If a unit owner fails to remove the screen door when required, it will be removed by management personnel. The cost of the removal and repair shall be billed to the unit owner.

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