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Washer/Dryer Appliances in Units Policy

Adopted by Board of Directors September 25, 2012

This policy is in accordance with Section 7.2 (a) and (c), Additions, Alterations or Improvements, of the Willamette Towers (WT) by-laws.

The installation of washer and/ or dryer appliances in units could impair the mechanical systems of the condominium, specifically plumbing and electrical and the resulting water usage by washers in individual units could increase the common expenses of the HOA. This policy will manage the use and installation of these appliances by unit owners.

Only penthouse units were properly plumbed and vented for the installation of washer and dryer appliances when the condominium was built. Due to technology advances in recent years, washer and dryer appliances have been developed that can be installed in locations that would not accommodate the standard washer and dryer appliances.

Before any owner installs such appliances, the owner must receive approval of the Board of Directors. Only permanently installed units will be approved.

Requests for approval must include:

  • Low volume/high efficiency washers that can be installed utilizing the drain capabilities currently in the unit.
  • A copy of the manufacturers’ information regarding plumbing and electrical requirements for installation.
  • Documentation that installation and any required electrical work is being done by a licensed contractor.
  • Only non-venting dryers will be considered for approval.
  • Owners with approved washers will be charged a $5 monthly charge for water usage and is subject to BOD review to reflect changes in water rates.

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