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Water Shut Off Policy

Adopted by Board of Directors March 2007

Revised September 23, 2014

Scheduled water shut-offs:

In the spring (generally April) for fire sprinkler inspection

In the fall (generally October), if necessary, for owners to remodel.

Unscheduled water shut-offs:


Special requests by owners to remodel, only once a year. Owner must get BOD approval at a Board Meeting.

Fees for water shut-offs:

The spring shut-off is for building inspection and there is no fee for owners.

All other shut-offs (e.g. for owners to remodel) will be borne by the owner(s) requesting the shut-off. The fee can be split by these owners. A $100 fee will be assessed to cover building wear and management work.

Emergency shut-offs will be borne by the owner responsible, plus the cost of any damage caused by the unauthorized work.

Specific date of shut-offs:

Check with the office staff at least one month ahead of scheduled work.

Owners must give the contractor’s license number, plans and a copy of the journeyman license to the office staff before the shut-off.

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