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In the interest of safety at Willamette Towers (since there have been window failures, some involving falling glass, in the last few years), and to maintain the structural integrity and architectural consistency of the building, the Board is requiring each unit owner to allow the inspection of all the windows in their unit by a licensed glazing contractor, chosen by the HOA, by the end of 2017. This inspection will be paid for by the HOA. Any necessary repairs will be paid for by the owner and will be performed by a licensed glazing contractor, pre-approved by the Board. These inspections will be repeated, in whole or in part, when necessary, as determined by the Board.

The inspection must cover, at a minimum, the following items:

  • inspection to determine the condition of glass and to determine if glass is properly secured to the window frame
  • for double pane windows, the safety of the installation of the double panes in the frame
  • for operable windows, the quality of the moving parts and the proper functioning of the open/close mechanism.

(The inspection will include the aluminum or plastic stops on exterior of window. If there is a plastic stop and it is found to be deficient, cracked, broken, or otherwise degraded, it will need to be replaced with an aluminum stop.)

The contractor will submit a report to the HOA of the results of the inspection, stating the status of the windows, and if deficiencies are noted, what corrective actions need to be taken with a suggested timeframe for the repairs. If an immediate hazard is reported, the condition must be corrected within 5 business days. Other corrective work must be completed within three months. The office must be notified of the scheduling of corrective work. If the work is not completed as required, the unit owner will bear all expenses charged to the HOA to have the work completed. Fines of $75.00 per day may be assessed for any corrective work that is not scheduled by the required dates.

Approved 3/30 /2017

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