Willamette Towers

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Plumbing Policy

Adopted by Board of Directors May 15, 2012

Unit owners are responsible for immediately contacting a plumber when there are plumbing problems in the unit.

Renters with a plumbing problem will contact their unit owner or unit owner’s agent. The owner or agent will make arrangements with the plumber to make repairs within the unit.

After the unit owner or agent has contacted the plumber and the problem has been repaired, the owner will submit the bill to the Board of Directors along with comments from the plumber. The Board of Directors will then determine if the problem is a building problem or a unit problem.

If it is deemed a building problem, the Board of Directors will reimburse the unit owner the cost of the repairs. If the Board of Directors deems the plumbing problem is to be shared, the cost will be apportioned among the Home Owners Association and the unit owners.

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