Willamette Towers

Reserves Study

The Reserves Study includes a maintenance schedule for large capital expense items and a financial plan for providing the funding.

The Reserves Study for 2017 has been to committees and has been approved by the board.

To help understand the method and details of the study, you can read through the Reserves Explainer.


The Reserves Study does change from year to year for a number of reasons. Below are links to the planning documents for 2017. One especially notable (expensive) item is the re-surfacing of the upper garage deck in 2019 at a cost of around $300,000.

The Basic Reserves study shows all the important information regarding the reserves, and wraps up with an easy-to-follow listing of items through 2022. When looking at the cash flow page, the “% funded” gives a relation of anticipated costs with how much money is actually reserved for all items.

A Basic Version of the reserves.

Who knows? You may enjoy slogging through the full version.

A Full Version of the 2017 reserves.

To prepare this study, software from AFI Professional was used.