Willamette Towers

Unit Information Form

Owners and Renters: Thank you for filling out this form.

Residents and Owners are required to have a Unit Information Form on file at the office. You can fill out the form below and submit it or…

You can pick up a paper version at the office or view and print a version here.

Here is some information to have at hand before filling out the form:

If you are not the owner…

Have the owner’s day & night phone number(s) and email address

Regarding the by-laws and policies

Owners should have received these documents during escrow and title change.

They are posted on the website—here are the links:

If your unit is managed by a property manager

Be ready with the name, address, contact person and phone number

Mortgage Holder

You will be asked if there is a mortgage holder and the name of the bank

And finally…

You will be asked:

  • The type/description, name and weight of any pet(s)
  • The type/description, color and, if relevant, license # of any bike(s)
  • The make and model, color and license number of your vehicle
  • Your deeded parking space number
  • Your parking gate entry code
  • Your front door Entraguard system entry number

The form begins below…



Fill out my online form.